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Neymar Breaks Down in Tears after a Tough Win Against Costa Rica – World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 News: Brazil vs Costa Rica

In the much-awaited clash between the Brazil and Costa Rica last night, Brazil won the thrilling contest after scoring twice in the stoppage time. The victory against Costa Rica was something that Brazilians had been praying for, and the emotions of Neymar after the 2-0 triumph explained how much it meant to him and the team.

Just like the previous year’s world cup, Neymar has been in the news again even in this tournament, but for all the wrong reasons. Be it his poor show in the WC up till this match or the questions of his team making it to the later stages of the tournament, Brazil had a lot to address, and this win must have brought a lot of relief to the side. The over the top reactions and the on-field dramatics of Neymar has also annoyed the fans all over the world including even of his own country.

After a tight contest and a no-goal match till the injury time with Costa Rica, the Brazilians turned the tables in a matter of few minutes with Coutinho scoring within 1 minute of the injury time and Neymar adding one more goal to the tally later after him.

Brazil is next to face Serbia on 27th June. Undoubtedly, the Brazilians are the favorites going into this match on Wednesday, but it is yet to be seen what lies in store as the world cup has pulled off some unexpected surprises this year. The major teams in the competition have faced a strong fight from other teams and the tournament is wide open for anyone to win Whatever may be the result, high voltage entertainment is surely on our way as we head into the end of group stages of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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Zaraki Kenpachi