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Top 17 Ways to Improve website’s SEO Ranking in 2019

Top 17 Tips to improve website SEO ranking

Tips to improve your website’s SEO Ranking:

Achieving an excellent SEO ranking can sound to be a herculean task. But apparently, SEO rankings matter when you take your website seriously and want it to be among the top-notch results of  Google searches.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to enhance the number of visits to your website and also ensuring that it is visible on the first page of the Google results.

There are no hard and fast rules as such to enhance the Search Engine Optimization rankings, but it takes practice and effective long-term strategies to implement the desired results. It is better to DIY the SEO ranking yourself instead of hiring a service company. Though the strategy and techniques vary from person to person, here we’re able to list the Best 17 ways or tips to ensure higher rankings of your website that has worked for us every time and would surely leave you surprised with its tremendous effects on your blog.

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*Please, note: SERP stands for (“Search Engine Results Page”).
This term would be heavily used further in the article.

1. Eye-catching title

The title of your article should be attractive and must include numbers and luring descriptions that the viewers are bound to go through your article.

For instance, “ways to improve SEO ranking” and “17 best ways to improve SEO ranking“, quite obviously the latter sounds more appealing than the previous one.

It is one of the most straightforward tips that you can follow to improve SEO ranking of your website.

2. Content matters!

What people look for while surfing the web is useful and compelling content. Worthy quality content is shared widely and thus can be benefitting both for the reader as well as the blog owner. An 1800 word article would be preferred over a 300-word one. Therefore, try to provide good quality content on your blog. Good content is not only loved by the readers, but Google also appreciates such content and places it higher in the search results.

3. Keywords, keywords, and keywords

Keywords are game changers when concerned with SEO rankings. Search results are heavily dependent on how many times and for how long a website has been viewed. And the keywords used play an essential role in the search engine rankings.

Use relevant keywords for your article, add suitable adjectives and try to add right long tail keywords with the right amount of search volume.

For instance, “wooden bowl” is a keyword with good search volume, but is highly competitive. So, you could work on “handcrafted teak wood bowl” and rank on it easily, and keep updating the post to suit “wooden bowl” keyword as well. That would not only help you rank but would drive good traffic to your site and improve seo ranking. You’ll surely see the difference in your rankings with this technique. You can even steal the most ranked keywords of your topmost competitors to stand in the race. You can also research the keywords of your own and try to rank with this technique. We’ll cover this in the next point too, as “new keyword ideas” could make you find the right keywords with adequate search volume, yet having very low competition.

4. Design the keywords

Google loves originality and creativity, and hence your creativity is something which can be “guiding steps” to boost up the performance of your website.

You can come up with new keywords to incorporate in your articles and enjoy the high rankings.

5. Internal links help to improve SEO ranking.

Though your article may be listed on to the 7th or the 8th page of the results, you can add top-notch relevant internal links to climb up the ladder of ranking. Here is an awesome article by Moz, which you could read to understand more about internal linking.

For instance, in your article, you could link to one of your articles that are ranking on the first page of Google results. It will surely help to increase your rankings.

6. Outreach email

Make your outreach emails more convincing. A little trick here, the word “because” sounds to produce a more significant effect on human psychology.

An example here:

“Can I take this seat ?”

“Can I take this seat because I want to feed my baby ?”

The second statement would have more percentage of positive results. Thus implement this trick even in your outreach emails for a greater impact. Include the word “because” and play the game of convincing.

7. Shorter URLs plays

Try creating shorter URLs for your articles or websites. Shorter URLs are likely to be viewed more as compared to the longer URLs that tend to have multiple slashes and many words.

8. Multimedia Rules

Often when you search for a word or phrase, Google’s first page tends to add the links to video results as well.

So when you publish an article and you have a YouTube page also, add the link to the article and also give a short description of the video of about 200 words engulfing the desired keyword.

It would certainly help increase your rankings on the SERPs.

*Please, note: SERP stands for (“Search Engine Results Page”).
This term would be heavily used further in the article.

9. Graphics not to be missed

Boring textual writings can be turned colorful and exciting by adding soothing and relevant pictures, gifs, cartoons, graphs, statistical data or even a short video or audio.

Provide that shine to your simple texts and see the magic.

10. Hack Wikipedia and Reddit

Keep looking for compelling content and be curious to add new and obscure words to your articles.

Surf through Wikipedia to collect some useful data and keywords and incorporate them in your website.

Similarly, as you know, Reddit is the first page of the internet. So you can always see what’s trending and new, and you can always keep up with the pace. Involve those keywords, hashtags, news, etc. to rank higher in the SERPs.

11. Mobile Friendly site

In the era of smartphones and A.I., your website is bound to support mobile-friendly services. The layout of your site should be such that it should fit into the 6″ or less screen size without having to compromise with any quality features.

However, it should also serve desktop screens as well.

That will allow greater access to your content and highly to be viewed thus contributing to the increase in SEO ranking.

12. Loading… A big turn off!

Nobody has so much time to keep waiting for your website to load. Try reducing the loading time of your website, as it would attract more viewers.

Long loading would certainly drive away the existing viewers, whereas, a lesser loading time would increasingly help you to improve your SEO ranking.

13. Use title modifier

Right title modifiers can add up a little magic in your articles. Modifiers such as “best,” “current year” and “review” in the titles can enhance the nature of your content and SEO rankings as well. Thus, driving you the top-notch results on the SERPs.

Titles such as

“Best places to hang out with friends.”

“Review of cars launched in 2017.”

, etc. Tend to attract more visitors and therefore, improves seo ranking.

14. Google search console tool

Google search console can be really of great help in improving your SEO rankings once you are well aware of all its features and how to use them.

Logging in to search Analytics then going to Impressions can give you a count of certain searched keywords on which your site is ranking. By collecting this data, you can add those keywords directly to your articles and improve their positions on the search engine.

Moreover, Google also wants the best content to be seen on the search results page, so, they keep providing useful tips to the webmasters to improve seo ranking. The add-on perks offered by Google adds the icing to the cake.

15. Google Rankbrain

Optimize your site with Google Rankbrain algorithm. This service helps to measure the interaction with the results on the first page. The more you interact with a particular link in the search results, the more it will get higher in the ranking.

Here the keywords in an individual title link act as concepts for Google. If your content can satisfy the viewers’ need, which is checked by the dwell time (how long users stay on your page) by Google, the link climbs up the ladder of the ranking. On the other hand, if that very link does not meet the demands of the viewer, it gets lower down in the ranking.

The number of times your link is clicked, you can think of it as the credit of points. More the clicks, more the credit points and hence more the SEO ranking, which is divine. But you need to make sure that the user stays on your site for long and doesn’t bounce back to Google or is redirected to another page immediately.

16. Correct 404 Broken links

There are some dead links or some oblivious content which (if stays indexed) could harm your site. One should always keep a check on the broken pages of your website and remove it from search engines as soon as possible. Also, you should redirect the broken page to any other relevant page (or your homepage) of your site, so you don’t lose the backlink juice too.

You can get a list of dead links through any SEO WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO (if you use WordPress as your Content Management System) or by using online tools such as Ahrefs, and then use them to your benefit. The links on the 6th or the 7th page too should be considered and looked upon.

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17. Outbound links matter

In your articles when you mention any statistics or a fact, or a survey result or any other such thing that you have collected from another source, do not forget to mention the source link. Provide the link below such that the user can switch to the original site of that particular data. It will help your site build trust in the eyes of Google.

Though these are little things, they can contribute a lot to add to your search engine rankings. Consider these tips and use them to attain most of the benefits.

All in all, great SEO ranking can be achieved easily. Though it may take a little time to get through the process, it’ll always be fruitful. You should always be patient, and your primary focus should be on providing your reader’s good quality content, the rankings will follow automatically. Success is never easy, and once you reach that phase, you know well how to manipulate with keywords, content and other technological factors that can make your website reach the new heights. Higher SEO rankings make your site the most preferred one through search criterions.

Hope, you like this article. We have not listed “link building” (building backlinks on your own) in our tips because building links yourself from other websites comes under black-hat and grey-hat strategy, which we don’t think would fit right in this article. We’ll create another post covering grey-hat techniques too. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, so they could also get success in blogging.

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Zaraki Kenpachi