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Top 5 PC Gaming Headsets Reviewed: Don’t miss the 4th one

Imagine playing a game like Assassin’s Creed and WWE 2K18 without a headphone. PC gaming is more enjoyable when you have one of this two-lobed device sitting comfortably around your ears. Apart from Blocking the Noise and distractions that may come your way, it also facilitates communication, especially in a multiplayer mode.

PC gaming headphones give the unique experience a gamer desires. Nothing pleases you more than to get into character and feel every emotion that comes with it. Not having a headphone doesn’t stop the game from functioning well, but it kills the excitement.

We’ve tested many PC Gaming Headphones, there have been quite some Good and some Uglies. Without dwelling so much on the bad, we take a look at the Top PC gaming headphones for gamers.


In an era where the wired products are slowly losing attention, most brands have come to embrace the wireless method. With the convenience it gives, it totally makes mammoth sense.

Years back, it is hard to find headphones that are wireless, I still vividly remember how happy I was at seeing a wireless headphone for the first time. But that has changed now, as many headphones are now constructed wireless.

The Hyper X Cloud Flight no doubt follows the footstep of wireless headphones but provides something more unique than just a regular gaming headphone. Kingston is one gaming headphone brand known for producing high quality outstanding top-notch products.

As years roll by much improvement is needed, that is precisely what the Hyper X cloud flight offers. It retains its spot as the best product from the company’s never-ending list of quality products.

The Cloud flight comes in an all-black body design with a touch of red, well balanced by the Hyper-logo on each side of the ear. The left side of the ear contains the power button, USB charging port, and a removable microphone. A gentle tap on the left side can mute the microphone.

Its design blends with the overall gaming characteristics. This headphone provides quality sound and captures every tiny sound in a gaming environment. Tested with many games in different modes, the sound turned out perfect. Recordings through its mic at the side are super crisp and easy to understand with no obstruction at all.

The battery life and weight are something to get excited about. It promises an active period of 30 hours when used with the LED light turned on. Most gaming headphones are known to be uncomfortable owing to its weight. The hyper flight is an exception, it’s very lightweight and balances well on either side like nothing is present.

This product is one of the best Gaming Headphone you will ever come across. It is compatible with both PC and PS4.

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If you’re going to pay as high as $150 for a gaming headphone, it has to come with great sound, comfort, wireless technology, should be versatile and not to mention noise cancellation is an absolute must. Not to worry, with Steelseries Artics 7, it is money well spent.

There are still some drawbacks to its usability, given that it requires some work and time to understand how all features work entirely. The makers of this product are known to produce ground-breaking headphones that set the bar high for others. The Artics 7 is no exception, for $150 it seems like you’ve gotten more than a bargain.

Unlike the Hyper X cloud flight which stands out with its body design, the Artics 7 leaves much to be desired. Its body design contradicts its function. There is nothing different or exceptional about its appearance. Mere looking at it, you’re not going to grab attention walking with this around your head.

The Artics 7 is a bit bigger than a standard gaming headphone, maybe that is because of its price tag. Getting a headphone that fits without flicking around while you walk has been an issue for years, the Artics 7 does well to address that with an adjusting velcro strap to tighten the grip on your ear. This device comes with a USB charging port that has the power to connect to a 3.5mm audio jack for mobile listening.

Its main strength comes in the game arena. It combines both stereo and DTS surround sound as well as a host of equalization option. Its sound grabs a rating of 9/10 while tested with multiple devices. Apart from its gaming use, you can also convert it to your personal music headphone.

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3. ASTRO A10

Whether you’re buying the gray or red, be assured that you’re getting a powerful headphone for a surprising charge of $60 only. Despite being the lowest priced from Astro collection, it still offers a lot of mouthwatering benefits and sound equalization.

It’s natural for people to be Skeptical about its performance given that Astro has never released any PC gaming headphone as cheap as this. But giving this a chance is worth every risk.

This low budget headphone still needs a lot of work concerning its appearance, been termed ‘ugly’ isn’t far from the truth. The balance between gray and red doesn’t sit well. But if you turn a blind eye to its all-plastic body, its sound performance isn’t that bad.

It has a frequency response of 20HZ to 20kHz, unidirectional stereo mic with an innovative flip-to-mute method. Even though its bass isn’t as strong as desired, you can still communicate with the teammates as well as hear characters clearly.

In reality, this headphone may be cheap but represent a step in the right direction from Astro.


The G pro mouse and keyboard have been termed perfect, but is the G pro Headset up to their class? The answer is Yes. Maybe you should go for all three if you want a fabulous gaming experience like never before.

With awesome headset designs we’ve seen, this one isn’t any special but the ‘G’ logo on the ear cup adds some sleekness. Without beating around the bush, the G Pro is simple and straightforward for what you expect from a gaming headset. Removable 3.5mm audio cable, a fussy microphone and the rest is what you see on every headphone.


We can go on and on listing a lot of Kingston superb PC gaming headphones, but I had to settle for just two on this list. The flight was a natural candidate for the #1 spot, but I couldn’t think of a better deputy than the Stinger.

While most people will compare it with Astro A10 due to its price, it surprisingly offers more at a cheaper rate of $50 compared with A10’s $60.

Its features include 7.1 surround sound, detachable mic, and excellent sound quality in a gaming environment. It doesn’t offer a lot compared when we compare it with other high-quality Cloud versions but serves as an excellent low budget headphone for gamers.

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