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What is BioHacking and What are its uses?

What is BioHacking?

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word hacking? Well, it must be something like making many alterations in a particular system is it cyber or otherwise to attain the desired results which can be-

  1. Improving efficiency of the system to work in a better way.
  2. Getting rid of the shortcomings and problems in a particular system.
  3. Making changes to carry out the adaptations to keep up with the changing times.

Well, if this is what that comes to your mind, this is pretty much correct. So, in this manner, we can define Biohacking as any exercise on a system to change the efficiency or the functioning of any biological body, which can be humans, plants, and even viruses. The whole phenomena of Biohacking have come to the fore in the last half a decade or so when it’s being adapted by experts. This is becoming an important practice given the changes in the physical and biological environments.

Now, before we move any further, let’s have a look at the essential functions involved in Bio-hacking and try to make a useful conclusion out of it.

1. Making adaptations

As the recent Nobel prize in physiology suggests, the circadian rhythm plays a subtle yet a defining role in the lives of each and every individual. Earlier, the daily cycle used to be fixed more or less and such issues of being awake till late at night and waking up late were quite rare. But now, given the nature of work that one is made to do and the growing globalization, an individual is required to be on his toes 24*7 in order to deliver his/her best. So, this makes some irreversible changes in the body that are detrimental to one’s health. So, in such a scenario, Bio-hacking as a tool of science can help us ensure a healthy life cycle even if it is in an artificial way. One should implement this in day to day life for some great result in quick time.

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2. Improving efficiency

The changing times are requiring more from an individual. For example- a student studying for a competitive examination has to clock as much as 10-12 hours a day. This exercise can be very taxing if done at a regular basis. Also, given the immense competition, one has to do that amount of hard work. So, even here, Biohacking can prove to be a game changer for sure by its certain benefits. Some research in slowing down the heart rate or a better processing of the food will provide the requisite energy that can provide that extra ATPs that a person may require in order to beat the heat of the ever-growing competition.

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3. Natural world

Not only does Bio-hacking improve the prospects of a human life, but also advances the mechanisms in plants. This helps to keep an ecosystem more sustainable. So, the degree of pollination and the responses of one plant to it can be altered in a way to give just the right amount of reproductive capacity to any phyla. Photosynthesis, which is central to the very existence of any green plant can be utilized with enhanced efficiency. This is not only helping the plants but also the environment as the whole. This is due to the increased use of the carbon dioxide that is touted as the most responsible for the global warming.

4. Microorganisms

Another biological entity that can occupy an important place in the ecosystem is the microorganisms like the Bacteria, Protozoa, Algae, and Viruses etc. Bio-hacking these minute entities can have a great effect on the disease transfer paradigm in our ecosystem. As we know that almost all the diseases are caused by the organisms mentioned above, if we are able to hack their mechanisms and track their transfer, a great help of good can be done to the health industry across the world. Especially in the tropical areas where the NTDs (neglected tropical diseases) pose a threat to the day to day survival of the humans and animals alike.

So, all seems to be simply great with Biohacking, agree with me? No! There are some challenges as well that the microbiologists and other scientists across the world are trying to cope up with and doing some regressive testing to overcome all the problems.

Some of the popular challenges faced by BioHacking are:

1. Sustainability

Environmentalists across the world argue that altering the cycles of any of the entities of an ecosystem can be detrimental to its overall health. It not now than in the long run for sure so we should think accordingly and plan the process.

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2. Inaccessibility

Most of the technologies available today are quite expensive and not feasible with your budget and time as well. It makes the question of accessibility a bit more pertinent. Vocal voices of the developing world argue that its benefits will be limited to the global north that is already quite well off. Thus, widening the proverbial north-south divide.

But, it seems that the positives are outweighing the negatives. That makes the use of Bio-hacking all the more lucrative and useful in this changing scenario. The need is to make it all-inclusive, cheap and environmentally sustainable. It could only happen when our progeny and we can make full use of this path-breaking technology.

Zaraki Kenpachi