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9 Effective Tips For Better Post Construction Cleaning

You renovated your home recently, and construction work is ended now with a lot of mess to clean? You have to clean that because you will never be able to sit back before Post Construction Cleaning. The constructor has done their job, and it’s your turn to get up to remove all the construction material from the floor and windows. You have to remove all the dust, ducts, fixture cleaning, fumes and so on. Cleaning home altogether will give a new and fresh look rather than dusty.  

For doing this hectic job a little fast, you need to get some most useful tips for Post Construction Cleaning.

These tips are inevitably going to help you in that hour of need. Let’s see the tips one by one.

1. Use a Drop Cloth

Your floor went through a lot during construction, and if you failed to save it from the scratches, it could be devastating. So, invest some money in drop cloth and spread it all over your floor. It will keep the floor safe from cuts and scratches.

2. Use Most Appropriate tools

Before getting into the Post Construction Cleaning procedure, you need some special tools first. These tools include rubber gloves, plastic knife scraper, bamboo skewer sticks, non-toxic cleaning solution, scrub brush, powerful vacuum cleaner, and ladder. By using these things, you can throw all the post-construction trash out.

3. Window Cleaning

Your windows are very dusty, so you have to clean them carefully during post Construction Cleaning. From removing all the dust and debris from the windows use scraper.

Wash the windows with a window mop and eliminate all the stubborn speckles with steel wool. Use a toothbrush for getting into the corners and also spray glass for having the perfect brightness.

You could hire Window Cleaning Brisbane to get your windows cleaned by highly trained professionals.

4. Stick to a Cleaning Plan

Working without a plan will create a mess for you instead you should stick to a method for Post Construction Cleaning. That will help you do things quickly. Clean one room first and then move to next.

Go in a sequence like clean windows first, then the windowsills, then doors and in the last floor. You can also change the plan accordingly.

5. Vacuum Cupboards

Cupboards are also much dusty after the construction work you have to clean them entirely for keeping your clothes and much more. Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning all drawers and cupboards. Clean all the wooden boxes with the help of some solution and towel.

6. Scrub Kitchen Fixtures

The kitchen is the essential part when it comes to Post Construction Cleaning so pay more attention to it. Polish and wipe kitchen sink, shelves and surface for taking all the dust out. Also polish taps and appliances.

7. Furniture Should Be Covered

When you are about to start a Post Construction Cleaning make sure to cover all the furniture as it can be damaged. Various stains can destroy your expensive furniture so keep it hidden till the cleaning ends.

8. Don’t Overlook These Areas

People usually clean everything when they are going Post Construction Cleaning but what they ignore are the small areas. The majority of homeowners overlook these areas so don’t ignore lampshades, electronics, small and big appliances, ceiling fan blades, decorative items, electric outlet covers.

9. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

You should go from top to down in Post Construction Cleaning like start with walls. Walls have enough dust particles, remove them using a scrub. Clean the interior to exterior areas everything and pay particular attention to hard-to-reach areas. In the end, mop the hard floor from wall to wall after scrubbing.

These tips for Post Construction Cleaning are going to help you out from the frustrating job of cleaning the mess. 

Zaraki Kenpachi