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Pro Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets to maintain their beauty and comfort. Carpet cleaning is also an effective method to kill and remove allergens that can be present on carpets to help people with asthma and allergies. Common techniques used in carpet cleaning include dry-cleaning, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and vacuum cleaning. Vacuum cleaning has been the standard carpet cleaning technique for decades, but new techniques such as dry foam carpet shampoo and dry foam carpet cleaner have been introduced to the market which has made carpet cleaning much easier and more effective for most homeowners today.

Planning to clean your carpets on your own:

If you are planning to clean your carpets on your own, make sure to take into consideration these tips for successful carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning requires a lot of work, time, and money. It is important to do it properly to prevent premature failure of the project. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services can be very expensive and not to mention very hard to find. Although there are other ways you can do the job, such as purchasing a steam cleaner and doing it yourself, it is much more cost-effective to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

Big mistake to clean your carpets:

It would be a big mistake to clean your carpets yourself without getting the proper training. Many people think they can get by with the do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services at the local hardware store. This could prove to be a costly mistake. Although most home improvement stores will offer some basic instruction for do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services, they won’t include professional carpet cleaning services. Companies that advertise that they offer do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services are likely to be fly-by-night businesses trying to capitalize on the homeowner’s lack of knowledge about indoor air quality and safety.

Average homeowner:

The average homeowner is not trained in how to properly clean carpet stains. This is because most homeowners simply buy the first stain they spot, apply some cleaning product, and hope that the stain comes out. If you’re like most homeowners, this probably happens on a weekly basis. Carpet stains occur when the dirt and soil that naturally grow on your carpet are trapped between the fibers of the carpet and the backing. When you vacuum, the dirt gets pulled from the carpet and into the vacuum. It is then removed through the vacuum hose.

To avoid the possibility of a stain occurring, you should purchase a good vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. This helps you spread the cleaning product over the carpet evenly and quickly. Next, blotting paper can be used to help you get off the most contaminated areas of the carpet. The blotting paper will catch the areas of dirt that are not picked up by the vacuums or the beater bar. You want to blot out as much of the stain as possible. Blotting paper does not work well on darker stains and you should also be sure to follow the directions for using the blotting material.

Another cleaning tip:

Another cleaning tip is to use the right cleaning solutions and products for the type of stain you have. For tough stains such as grease or oil, you should use a cleaning solution with a strong abrasive base. These types of stains often require scrubbing methods. A good idea is to let the carpet dry overnight and then vacuum or shampoo it the next day. Never use chemicals such as bleach on a carpet that has been heavily stained.

Most dangerous cleaning mistakes:

One of the most dangerous cleaning mistakes is to allow the dirt and dust to build up and become embedded in the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning professionals have developed a number of techniques to help remove these embedded particles. Extraction is one technique that is used frequently. Another technique is known as laminating also helps to remove embedded dirt and dust mites. Dust mites grow in dark, humid areas, so it is not surprising. That many carpet cleaners will perform extraction as part of their cleaning process.


One other important pro tip for regular vacuuming is to always give your carpeting a good vacuuming once a week, no matter how much you want to keep your carpets clean. Carpet cleaning professionals say that vacuuming only about once every 10 days is too harsh for your carpeting. Can cause damage to the fibers over time. Vacuuming every day is recommended. For those areas of your carpeting that receive heavy traffic such as entryways. It is suggested you give your carpeting a thorough vacuuming at least once a week. This will help to prevent premature wearing of the carpeting.


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