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Retirement Living at Its Finest: Exploring Options Beyond the City

Many retirees dream of leaving behind the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas in favor of more peaceful surroundings. As baby boomers reach their golden years, small towns and rural communities beyond the suburbs offer retirees scenic views, outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, and amenities tailored to seniors.

Before relocating, it’s important to understand factors like housing, healthcare, transportation, climate, and cost of living to find the best place to settle into a rewarding and comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Quiet Small Towns

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Tucked away from the sprawling cities, quaint, small towns provide a slower pace without sacrificing activity and convenience. These communities have charming, walkable downtowns dotted with shops, cafes, and restaurants, often with wooded parks or pretty town squares surrounded by neighborhoods of single-family homes.

Many small towns have adult communities with resort-like features, such as community centers, golf courses, pools, and organized activities. The tight-knit community also leads to fulfilling social lives with clubs, volunteer groups, religious organizations, and neighborhood get-togethers.

Rural Counties

Beyond the suburbs, some retirees seek pastoral countryside crisscrossed by winding two-lane roads bordered by wooden fences, lush farmland, forests, and mountain ranges on the horizon. According to the experts at Jamestown Estate Homes, the wide-open spaces allow for privacy and solitude without isolation.

Here you will find sprawling estate homes on large, wooded properties along winding rural routes as well as more affordable cottages and cabins tucked into the landscapes. With clean air, brilliant starry skies and stunning pastoral views, rural areas provide healthy, rejuvenating surroundings.

Key Factors to Consider

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From Victorian mansions to cozy bungalows, small towns and rural areas offer varied housing options to fit retirees’ needs and budgets. Property taxes are generally lower than those in metro areas, but be sure to factor in home maintenance costs on larger estate homes.


Many small towns have a regional hospital or urgent care clinic able to handle minor illnesses and injuries. For specialized treatment and procedures, you may need to travel to a larger city which could be 30 minutes or more away. Consider proximity to quality healthcare services, and insurance coverage for out-of-network providers when emergencies happen away from home.


As driving becomes more difficult with age, public transportation in rural areas can be extremely limited or nonexistent, making owning a car essential. Proximity to regional airports and interstates can prevent feelings of isolation.


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Ideal climates vary widely by retiree, from four distinct seasons to year-round warm weather. Research seasonal weather patterns beyond averages taking into account peak summer heat, humidity, winter snowfalls and ice along with fall and spring conditions.

Cost of Living

Smaller towns and rural counties have considerably lower costs of living, allowing retirement savings to last longer. Housing, utilities, gas, and groceries cost noticeably less than larger metro areas. However, additional factors like sales taxes, gas prices if driving long distances, and medical costs also affect those living on fixed incomes.

Lifestyle Perks

Beyond saving money, small town and rural retirement provides lifestyle perks. Slower paces allow for relaxing and enjoying favorite hobbies. Scenic country drives are pleasant adventures themselves full of fresh air and nice views. Towns tailored to retirees make aging gracefully easy with activities, socializing and convenient services.


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Retirement dreams come true for those willing to leave behind the crowded concrete jungles and daily grind of major city life. Small towns and rural counties across the country offer breathtaking scenery in relaxed settings with amenities catered toward retirees.

Taking the time to thoroughly research all aspects of prospective communities beyond larger cities leads to finding your ideal place to settle in and truly make the most of the golden years.

Hugh Hay