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Top 5 Benefits of an Urgent Care Clinic

A walk-in urgent care clinic is ideal for numerous patients who require prompt care but do not necessarily need emergency medical intervention. Urgent care bridges the gap between the hospital emergency department and your primary care physician. Nonetheless, while urgent care facilities could manage some emergency medical operations, there are still situations, like if you have serious head trauma, the emergency room is the best choice. That said, White Plains urgent care offers patients with more treatment options to best meet their requirements. Continue reading to discover more reasons to visit an urgent care clinic.

Minimize Emergency Room Logjam

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Individuals desire treatment for non-emergency conditions during the hours that regular physicians’ clinics are closed. This concern results in a high patient flow at many emergency departments nationwide.

The rationale is straightforward: these patients cannot receive care elsewhere after hours. The outcome is long wait times, misallocation of resources, and crowded waiting areas. Urgent care could alleviate this burden by giving an additional after-hours treatment alternative for patients who want immediate attention but have no life-threatening ailment.

Extensive Range of Care

Most urgent care facilities are equipped to treat various medical ailments, from common colds to serious medical crises. You could obtain a flu shot or therapy, an X-ray and a cast for a fractured bone, and an antihistamine prescription at an urgent care facility. Urgent care facilities are more adaptable than the typical physician’s office or emergency room, making them a viable alternative for most patients.

Competent Physicians

The physicians who fill the lists of urgent care clinics are highly skilled professionals with the diversified skill set required to deal with various ailments. Numerous urgent care physicians have experience working in emergency room settings, traditional clinics, or a blend of the two. Therefore, these specialists are not only adept at treating normal, commonplace disorders, but they could offer effective care in small emergencies as well.

Reduced Cost

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The expenditures of urgent care are likewise much cheaper than those of emergency rooms. Even for individuals with insurance, deductibles, and co-payments, urgent care is often lower than emergency room appointments. Therefore, patients and doctors are incentivized to refer non-emergency after-hours patients to urgent care.

Quicker Care Delivery

Urgent care also allows patients to obtain care in the fastest possible time frame, even outside business hours. If you wait until your doctor’s office finally opens to schedule an appointment, you could be compelled to deal with an unpleasant health problem for days.

Similarly, a consultation at the emergency room could prompt a lengthy wait, particularly if your ailment is not considered an emergency. Nevertheless, you could undergo care without an appointment and a lengthy wait in a walk-in urgent care clinic.

Urgent care facilities provide numerous advantages for persons with non-life-threatening health concerns past the operating hours of their primary care doctors. The professionals at Medical Service and Urgent Care are specialists in various fields, including podiatry, gynecology, cardiology, rheumatology, orthopedics, and more. If you have any troubling concerns, ranging from a severe ear infection to a cardiac illness, call the White Plains, NY office, book an appointment online, or walk in.

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