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8 Best Skin Care Tips for Women

Every woman wants a healthy and clear skin but how? There are hundreds of beauty products that are available in the market but they also have side effects.

According to Dr. Sachin Sharda who is the best skin specialist in Jaipur to get the clear and beautiful skin you don’t need a bundle of such products, instead, you should only follow a proper skincare routine.

Most of the peoples think fair skin as beautiful skin or healthy skin, where truth is  Beautiful skin means healthy and clear skin.

Women skin is thin and sensitive as compared to men. So women should take more care of their skin.

Skincare does not mean to use beauty products on the skin, instead, it is following routines to make it healthier.

Follow these women skin care tips to get healthy, clear and beautiful skin.

#1. Avoid Sun Rays

Sun rays are bad for skin because sun rays contain UV rays which increases melanin in the skin. This melanin causes the skin to tans over the body, legs, hands, and face. So avoid contact with the direct sun rays. Morning and evening sun rays are not much harm to the body as compared to midday. Sun rays can also lead to many other diseases like pimples.

Being too close to the heater and fireplace can also damage your skin, so you should also keep a distance from heater and fireplace.

If your skin is already burnt from UV rays, then before applying any remedy, consult the Best Skin Specialist Near you to examine your skin first.

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#2. Skin Types

Before applying anything on the skin, first, you should know your skin type, so that you can treat your skin problems accordingly.

Oily skin soon gets acne and wrinkles, so prefer using oil-free products. If you have a dry skin tone, then you should apply moisturizer on your skin.

#3. Don’t Over Wash Your Face

Don’t overwash your face, otherwise, it may harm your skin pores. Face skin pores are more sensitive than hand’s skin pores. If you wash your face many times in a day, it may dry up your skin and also cause skin disease.

The woman who has sensitive skin should use sensitive skin products.

#4. Healthy Diet

When we are talking about skin care, diet is another most important thing. You should prepare a proper diet plan. Add foods in your diet which are rich in vitamin D and vitamin E, because vitamin E and vitamin D makes skin clear and healthy. Eat more vegetables, seafood, and dry fruits for glowing and healthy skin.

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You should also include these foods in your diet –

  • Walnuts – Walnuts are a good source of essential fatty acids, that helps the skin to stay healthy.
  • Fatty Fish – Fatty fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, that keeps your skin thick and moisturized.
  • Sunflower Seeds – Sunflowers seeds are a rich source of skin-boosting nutrition.
  • Broccoli – Broccoli is also good for the skin because it includes vitamin A, zinc and vitamin C.
  • Tomatoes – Excellent for maintaining clear and healthy skin. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C.

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#5. Drink More Water

Hydrate your body in every possible way. According to a skin specialist, every woman should drink at least 8 glass water per day.

Water helps you to maintain clear and healthy skin.

#6. Moisturize Your Skin

You should moisturize your skin 365 days a year. Best time to moisturize skin is after bathing and before sleeping. Sarah Jean, one of the dermatologists from Guidingbeauty has created several guides on this moisturizers for different skin types.

#7. Sleep Well

It is very important to have good sleep to get good skin. When you do not get enough sleep, your body produces more stress hormone cortisol. More cortisol causes swelling in the body causing damage to your skin.

Not taking enough sleep may cause –

  • Detracts from your skin’s natural beauty
  • Worsens existing skin conditions
  • Makes immune-related skin problems worse
  • Leading to puffy bags under your eyes
  • Leading Eye circles, wrinkles and dryness
  • Weight gain
  • Accelerates the aging process

#8. Other Skin Care Tips for Women

  • Don’t Take Bath with Hot Water for a Long Time – You should not stay in hot water for a long time it may cause dry skin and will remove the protective layer of skin.
  • Apply Aloe vera – Aloe vera is beneficial for your skin. Aloe vera removes dryness and moisture your skin. Aloe Vera removes dead skin cells from your skin and gives you beautiful and glowing skin.
  • Orange and Lemon Juice – Take orange and lemon juice every day as it increases the production of collagen in your body which helps to get smooth skin.
  • Don’t Touch Your Face with Your Hands – Avoid the habit of touching the face with your hand. It may cause inflammation or infection on your skin.
  • Use Natural Products – Cosmetic products help you to look beautiful but they also have some side effects. So instead of cosmetic products use natural products for the skin.

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This was our list of best tips for women skin care. These tips will help you to get beautiful and clear skin.

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