8 Ball Pool coins transfer trick

8 Ball Pool Coins Transfer Trick (3 Simple Methods)

Today in this post you will know about 8 Ball Pool new coins transfer trick 2018. You can transfer 8 Ball Pool coins easily by applying all these methods. So, read the below methods carefully and apply the tricks to transfer 8 Ball Pool coins right now.

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8 Ball Pool Coins Transfer Trick (Method 1)

– You would need a PC or laptop for this trick to work.

  • Go to the Miniclip Official Website.
  • You’ll see the sign in button on the top right side, click on it.
  • Login to your first 8 ball pool account. (If you use Facebook to log in, then you can log in through FB id)
  • Open another browser and log in to your second account by following the above steps.
  • Adjust both the browser windows on the screen such that you could see both browsers simultaneously and work on both at the same time.
  • Now, select the same cue in both accounts, e.g. If you choose the ice cue in the first account you need to choose ice cue in your second account too. It increases the chances of matchmaking.
  • 250k coins should be must on your both accounts in order to transfer 8-ball pool coins faster.
    (There are higher chances of matchmaking with your other account on a high priced table, i.e. greater than or equal to 250k. On low stake tables, the players are more, so you would often get connected to a third person.)
  • Also, make sure to keep some extra coins in your both accounts as sometimes you could be matched with a third person and you could lose against him. So, extra coins would come in handy. If you are transferring 70 Million coins you must have at least 100 Million coins in your one account to transfer 70 Million coins in case there is a situation like wrong match or net disconnection, etc.
  • Join the same stake table together, and check the players in both the browsers. If both the accounts are your own, then play the game and keep playing until all the coins are transferred.
  • But if the players are not same, then quickly refresh both the browsers before the match starts. You won’t lose your coins in that case.
  • Once you’re able to connect both the accounts, pot the black ball from the account from which you need to transfer the coins. It’ll make your other account win the game instantly.
  • Keep on playing again and again until you’ve transferred the desired amount of coins in your other account.
  • Have fun owning your coins in your second account.

8 Ball Pool Coins Transfer Trick (Method 2)

– You would need two Smartphones for the trick to work.

  • Go to Google and write 8 Ball Pool old version in Google search box. [IMPORTANT]
  • Download 8 Ball Pool old version on both the devices which also works till now. As there are lots more players on the new version, so download the old version. (Make sure to check the version of the game is same on both the devices)
  • Install it on your two different android devices.
  • Log in to both your accounts on different devices.
  • Make sure to check if you’re using the same version of 8 Ball Pool on both mobiles.
  • Now after logging in to your accounts on both the devices follow the below steps. The steps are same as demonstrated in method 1.
  • Select the same cue on both the devices.
  • Join same coins table together on both the devices.
  • Check the players on the table as soon as the match is made. If the players are not same then quickly minimize the game and close it, and re-open it again. You won’t lose the coins.
  • Repeat the above steps and recheck the players. If your both accounts are matched, then play the game and pot the black ball from the account from which you need to transfer the coins. If they’re still not matched together, then minimize and re-open the app again.
  • Once the game connects with your other account, keep potting the black ball from the account from which you need to transfer 8 ball pool coins and play again and again until the desired amount of coins are transferred.

8 Ball Pool Coins Transfer Trick (Method 3)

– You would need a PC or a laptop for the trick to work.

  • Go to Miniclip official website and open 8 ball pool game.
  • Now open the beta version. You’ll find the beta version just above the 8 ball pool game window. You’ll see a green heading stating “We have a brand NEW version of 8 Ball Pool” would be there. Click on Try it now!
  • Open a second browser and open Beta version of the game as you did on the first Browser.
  • Repeat the steps as explained in method 1. But in this one, you’ll have to open the Beta version of 8 ball pool game in both the browsers.
  • Login your both accounts on two different browsers.
  • Now select the same cue.
  • Check the players.
  • If your accounts don’t get matched, then refresh the page and check the players again. If your both accounts get matched, then you need to pot the black ball again and again from the account you want to transfer the coins.
  • Pot the black ball and click on I want to play again.
  • Congrats now you can transfer your 8 Ball Pool coins easily from your one account to other.

Please, note:

For those wondering, why can’t we add the other account as friend and send play request to the other account and transfer the coins?

Then, you’re right on your part. Just the problem is, that would be a slow process because you can’t play on a table of more than 50k coins on a friendly match. So, you would have to play a game of 50k coins again and again, which would be a problem if you need to transfer a lot of coins in bulk, for instance, 1 Billion.

Hope this article helped you in transferring your 8 Ball Pool coins from one account to other. If you have any questions or queries, please, comment below. Also, share this article with your friends and family so that they also learn the trick and then you can easily transfer coins to each other.

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It was our duty to give credit because the owner of the website suggested the trick. You should check out his website for more such 8 ball pool tips and tricks.

I’ll catch you in my next post. Till then stay smart and up-to-date with Velillum.


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