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Amazon (AMZN) Stock Turns Lousy Despite its New Prime Video

According to the Amazon’s stock graph, today it trades at $3,514. Compared to recent closed number it is higher by 10 points. The daily range is obviously $3,473.71 – 3,520.00. The total volume seems to exceed the average volume by a million shares. The Earnings Per Share is 52.56, which still means that stockholders may got positive dividends. The earning date will be between Jul 28, 2024 – Aug 02, 2024. The stock market reporters, such as Benzinga or FT cant really imagine what is going to happen to the stock for now.


These July will be very productive for Amazon Video Prime video since it will offer multiple reality shows, new exiting blockbuster movies and a selection of cinematic classics. A new blockbuster “The Tomorrow War” that will be shown on 2nd July will have a star Chris Pratt who will be in the role of a soldier. The movies theatrical release was clashed because of the pandemic. After this unlucky situation, Amazon decided to pay 200$ million for exclusive rights to stream sci-fi action movie. So, stay tune by reading stock news sites like Bloomberg or They surely report evena single ocassion of any company.


This movie is not the end for Amazon streaming service. There are “Making the Cut” and “Luxe Listing Sydney” shows that will include stars such as Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum.

Zaraki Kenpachi