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6 Ways to Watch TV Online for Free

The recent quality improvement and hike in prices of channels by TV network providers have led people to watch their TV content on the web. With exclusive content of premium shows on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon-Prime, people often find themselves in the dilemma of whether to spend their money on the online content or stick to the usual TV-cable services. Well, we have a way where you can get the best of both worlds. Through this post, we tell you the 6 Ways to Watch TV Online so that you not only stream your favourite online shows but also do not miss out on the Live-TV because of it.   

1. JioTV

Jio has already turned around the Indian telecom industry on its head since its arrival and is promising to do the same to the set-top box services too. The JioTV App on Play Store and AppStore allows the owners of Jio SIM cards to watch Live TV as a part of its added service. There are no hidden costs or terms that you must be concerned about before using JioTV app. All you need is an active internet pack on your Jio number, and you are all set to go.    

2. Vodafone Play

Vodafone Play is yet another streaming service that is available to all Vodafone users where they can watch premium content on the web. Users of Vodafone Play App can view an endless number of original shows of services like Zee5 and SonyLIV directly on the application instead of downloading these two apps separately. Apart from the streaming services content, Vodafone Play also has Live Channels that one can watch, along with various movies and shows in regional languages, along with English. The movie production house, Eros has also made a tie-up with Vodafone Play recently.

3. Airtel TV

Like the streaming apps by other mobile network providers, Airtel TV is also one. It is available to all the Airtel network users. It has many live tv channels which can be accessed 24×7 hours on the app. It also has many movies, some of them being exclusive to the app. We recommend this application to all the Airtel network users, as this free service is useful and can be used to access more than 350 live channels on demand.

4. Using Trial Packages of Paid Services

Many paid streaming services provide trials to the users as an introductory offer. Be it Netflix or Hulu; every service has its offers where subscribers and app users can get access to their content free for initial months. You can opt for such offers and cancel your subscription at the end of the trial period. These are only a few workarounds to using the paid streaming services. If you are looking to watch all the premium content for an extended time, then you may have to spend some money on it. For the premium options, we would suggest that you go for IPTV subscription service for the best value-for-money choice.

5. Free News Channels Live

If you are someone who likes to stay updated to latest news regularly, then you may want to check the official websites of news channels for their live content. Almost all the major news websites today have free live streaming of their channels. The streaming of these channels is free to watch and do not require any registrations or subscriptions. Major news channels like NDTV, CNN, and the Republic can be viewed online. You can also watch the missed content of these news channels on-demand available on the sites.

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6. YouTube Live Channels

YouTube Live Channels are also one of the free streaming options for which you can go for. News channels are known to put their live coverage on their YouTube accounts. Although there is not much content on it, if you are looking for streams to watch for kids, then it may have some useful content for you. Channels like ChuChuTv for kids along with some of the Wildlife channels run 24-hours on YouTube and can be watched for free.

With the options in this post up your sleeves, you will never have to spend a dime for the content that you want to watch. Let us know if this post helped you replace your television services with the web content. We would like your feedback in the comments.

Zaraki Kenpachi