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5 Best Applications to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Our smartphones are connected to so many services today, that it has become crucial to protect the data they carry. As smartphones are connected to the internet all the time, and there are numerous permissions and hidden functions of apps that we can’t see going on, it is even more so important to be concerned about its security. The existence of banking applications in smartphones along with mobile wallets also calls for attention for their safety. With the help of this post, we will be telling you about the 5 Best Applications to Keep Your Smartphone Secure.

1. Google Find My Device

Find My Device by Google is the company’s official app, which helps users find their lost Android phones. The app utilizes the location information of the smartphone to inform the owners about its live location. With Find My Device, the owners of smartphones can make their phones ring even when it is on silent mode. The app by Google comes in handy, especially in situations when people lose their phone in crowded places. It must be noted that this application is only helpful if you keep your mobile internet data on for most of the time. Users can also erase their data remotely if they have this app installed on their phones.

2. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

Like its useful antivirus software for PC, Zonealarm also has its mobile security solutions which users can download on the PlayStore. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security enables a smartphone to be safe of zero-day attacks and is patched regularly with the latest security updates. The application alerts users of any suspicious use of the microphone and prevents the app user from using compromised Wi-Fi networks. ZoneAlarm Anti phishing defense properties keep such threats away without consuming too much power from the smartphone.

3. CM Browser

The app market is filled with many browser applications which may seem attractive at first but do not focus on user’s privacy protection. Various browsers allow sites to collect user browsing history and cookies without informing the users. It is therefore crucial that the browsers have ample privacy protection features. CM Browser is focused on the protection of user data and does not take up much storage of the phone. The browser also has ad-blocking features which prevent the users from accidentally opening random sites by tapping on them.

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4. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is designed while keeping the protection of user’s privacy in mind. The app lock by Norton is free to download on the Play Store and can be used to prevent strangers from accessing any application on the phone. The app lock is light on phone resources and can use PIN, patterns, and fingerprints to restrict access to the assigned apps. If you have friends or family, who are keen on sneaking on your phone whenever they get the chance to, then Norton App Lock is something that will be of much help to you in keeping them from reading your texts or accessing your gallery.

5. Kaspersky Password Manager

We all forget passwords, and to change them every time we lose track of them, is not something to settle for. Often, people rely on manually writing passwords in a separate notebook, but that is also not a very wise move, as if someone gets access to these diaries, or handwritten passwords, then there is a more significant threat of losing the user accounts. Using the Kaspersky Password Manager can help you solve such issues, as you no longer have to rely on writing the passwords on which anyone can get their hands on.  

The password manager by Kaspersky is not only used for saving your created passwords, but it can also help you generate secure passwords for new user accounts that you make on any platform or website. Apart from the password saving and generation features, this password manager also has the option of letting you save your important documents like Credit Cards, in the app vault.

These are 5 Best Applications to Keep Your Smartphone Secure. Have you used these apps ever before? If not, then we suggest you install them right away and never worry about the security of your smartphone ever again.

Zaraki Kenpachi