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Applications That Can Be Used For Payment Methods

Current technological advances have indeed changed many things that occur in human life. And one of the real manifestations of technological advancement is the payment method. If previously payments could only be made via cash or cash when you wanted to pay accordingly, it’s different now. There are already several applications that can now be used to pay for or buy something on aplikasi judi bola online.

Many people switch from cash to non-cash transactions because of their simplicity and practicality. There is a trend of paying via this payment application, people don’t have to carry a lot of money when traveling. If you want to buy something, just use the app. This form of transaction is called digital payment or digital payment. If you are interested in making payments with a digital payment system, you must first download the payment application.


Rows of Popular Applications Used For Payment Methods

For those of you who currently want to make payments via digital, then you must first know what applications are popular today. Here are some popular digital payment applications that you can use later:

  • Go-Pay

The first application that you can download as the latest payment tool is Go-Pay. This application belongs to Go-jek which you definitely know. Go-jek is not only popular in Indonesia but has also traveled to several countries in the world. If you are a user of the Go-Jek application, of course you will be familiar when you hear the name of this Go-pay application.

If you have ever used T-cash, then the Go-pay application is similar to the T-cash application. You can use Saldao in Gopay to pay bills, shop online, top up credit and much more. If the balance on your Go-pay has run out, take it easy, you can fill it in via a minimarket, ATM, mobile banking or through a driver from Go-jek. For those of you who are interested in using this one digital payment application, just download the application.

  • Ovo

Apart from Go-pay, there is Ovo which is also one of the most popular e-payments in Indonesia. There have been many users of this one payment application. Through Ovo, you can make various payment transactions starting from internet subscription bills, electricity bills, topping up credit and many more. If you want to do a balance top up, you can do it via ATM, Internet Banking and M-Banking. Ovo has interesting features such as points that can be exchanged for attractive rewards or prizes.

  • LinkAja

If you are one of the users of the Telkomsel operator, you can use this e-payment service called LinkAja. This government-owned cash service is already popular and has many users in Indonesia. LinkAja already has permission from Bank Indonesia as a digital payment method so those of you who use this application don’t need to worry later.

By using LinkAja, there are several transactions that you can do the same as Go-pay and Ovo. If you want to top up the balance on the LinkAja application, you can do it through Grapari Telkomsel, bank transfer, mini-markets and others. How to register and upgrade your LinkAja account is also easy so these various advantages will make you feel more comfortable when using the LinkAja application as a digital payment tool on aplikasi judi bola.

  • Dana

The Dana application is one of the applications that makes it easy for you to transact anywhere and anytime without having to use cash and cards. If you want to make payments through this application, of course it will be much more practical. Moreover, there are lots of transactions that can be done through the Fund application, ranging from paying installments, topping up credit, paying electricity bills, water bills, insurance to BPJS.

And the Dana application also has a QR Code feature where you can use it when making payments. So there is no need to bother queuing anymore. You can send money easily with this application.

Those were some of the applications that you can use as a digital payment method today. You can use this app when you need to play on aplikasi judi bola. Maybe there are still many similar applications out there but it hasn’t been mentioned here. But some of the applications above are popular applications so surely you also know them well.

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