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7 Things to consider before buying a new microwave oven for your kitchen

If you live in an urban city such as Bangalore, limited is the time you could spend with your family or for yourself. To live a life, you need three essential things, namely food, clothing, and shelter. And cooking, it is yet another aspect altogether. When the couple goes to work, children or teenagers to school and elder people living a retired life at home, you don’t get enough time for cooking. That’s why there are appliances which can help you in cooking your food fast and lessen the load on you. For example, you can prepare the food and preserve it in the fridge for a day or two. You can quickly heat the food in a microwave oven, and it would be ready to eat. Though, many health experts don’t recommend eating microwave reheated food, but, sometimes you don’t have many choices in life. Microwave can also help you cook your food a lot faster as compared to a conventional gas stove further reducing the burden on you. If you buy the perfect oven, for example, a convection oven, it is easy to prepare many dishes such as cakes, baked lasagna or kebabs. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to select the best microwave oven as per your need.

The microwave ovens are fitted with auto-cooking options, and you need to know how to use the device properly. The oven has become an integral part of many homes because of various reasons like

  • It consumes less oil as compared to old methods.
  • You need not spend on electricity bills or the LPG cylinders.
  • Ovens cook food in faster.
  • They also consume less energy.
  • You can cook meals, reheat the old ones or defrost the required dishes quickly with the help of a microwave oven.

Now, how do you select the best microwave oven for your home? We have compiled a list of factors which you should consider to choose the best microwave oven for you.

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1. Requirements

The appliances come in various sizes, usually ranging from 11,14 and 18 inches to even larger size. Before choosing the size, first, decide the place for keeping the appliance. Then consider the other options such as your culinary purposes like what dishes you’re looking to prepare in the oven.

Do you have a favorite dish? Do you prepare it every week? Then it is necessary to check if the ingredients for cooking are compatible with the oven. Or, if you cook the dish in other ways, can the bowl fit in the oven for warming process?

Note: Watts seize prime importance. An oven with higher watts cooks food faster than the one with low watt types. Usually, a microwave of larger size has high watt power.

2. Types of Oven

There are different types of microwave ovens in the market. It is better to learn about each type. You can then make the right decision.

  1. Countertop microwave ovens: As the name suggests, they take a little of the counter space. The advantage? They are cheap and very easy to install as compared to other ovens.
  2. Over-the-range microwave ovens: Over-the-range microwaves are installed above your range or cooktop in place of a range hood and are vented to the outside. But, please note, it needs installation from an experienced electrician. You get the advantage of free counter space.
  3. Built-in microwave ovens: They are embedded in the wall. You can purchase this type of oven if you do not have any counter space at all. The best option is a microwave drawer, and when you need to warm the food, you can pull out the drawer. But consider your budget. They are very expensive.

3. Budget

Some appliances, devices and items can be classified as temporary and permanent assets. The air-conditioner and microwave oven can be classified as permanent assets. They are for a lifetime. Whereas you can consider the skipping rope, plastic cookery, etc. items as a temporary one. Just check the amount of space in your home and set the budget. The price will vary considerably based on the size, brand and the microwave type. The best way is to fix a certain price and then select the best option as per your requirements and budget.

4. Look for the best deals

You could also look for used appliances on eBay or Craigslist. There are times when people move to another location, and they put their new-like items on sale. Some stores also sell factory second appliances directly. The reason, they could have minor scratches or have minor wear and tear. But their working potential will be the same as a new appliance.

It is better to inspect the appliance before the purchase. Let the executive demonstrate the working of the device. In case of any doubts, clarify immediately. Before purchase, just read the concerned model’s details and note down the uncertainties. Also, buy from a seller who has a good return policy, so in case of any defects or problems, you could ask for a replacement or a refund. Also, you could check for the deals online to get your product at the best price. Hint: The best time to buy a product is during festive/holiday seasons. Various online stores run massive discounts during that time.

5. Check the Reviews

Before purchasing the oven, make a list of the models that fit your budget and requirements and read its reviews. This method allows you to estimate the ease of use, efficiency and the life term of the appliance. On Amazon, you can find user reviews for almost all the products available online. Also, you could verify the authenticity of the manufacturer and seller by searching for its reviews online. Make sure to be able to judge if the reviews are genuine or not. Many new manufacturers or sellers buy fake reviews to boost their sales initially. Always, keep your third eye open for them.

6. Usage

Never forget the necessities you require for the kitchen. Many new ovens have features like special buttons for popcorns or defrosting options.

  • Auto Turn-off: There are ovens, where, even if you don’t know when to switch off the timer, the automatic sensors do the part correctly and help you cook your dish perfectly (almost) by stopping the microwave when your dish is cooked enough.
  • Turntable: This type is always useful as you do not have to stop and turn the dish during the cooking process. The turntable option does the work automatically, and the food gets appropriately cooked from all the sides.
  • Metal rack: It is better to purchase a type with metal rack. The food gets heated well from top and bottom. Or else, you get food that is half cold and half warm.

7. Size/Capacity

The factors mentioned above are crucial to help you decide what microwave is best for you. Equally important is the capacity of the microwave. Capacity is calculated in liters and refers to the space inside the microwave.

If you buy a large microwave and cook a small quantity of food, two things go against you. First is that the food does not get cooked properly, and secondly, it wastes lots of electricity, and you end up paying an extra amount on your electricity bills. Usually, for a typical Indian family, consisting of five to eight members, it is best to purchase the 20 to 30 liters microwave oven.

Never judge by only the external appearance of a microwave oven. Also, check the space inside. There should be two metal racks.

There are some brands which offer a three-year warranty on their products. However, make sure to check for their customer service reviews as well.

8. Additional Features

Also, there are additional features which could ensure your meal gets cooked to perfection. There are features like pre-programmed options in the menu which you could use if you’re preparing the dish for the first time. You need to put the dish in, select the dish (that you’re cooking) from the menu and turn it on. Rest your microwave will take care of everything.

You can also make use of the humidity sensors in some microwaves to defrost frozen food. It’ll stop as soon as the food is in the usable state.


Let us conclude that you already have a microwave appliance or have thought of purchasing a microwave oven right after reading our post. You made a smart deal by playing only one-third of the actual price by going for a used or factory second product, and it gave the best for two years. But, now it has malfunctioned. Now, how you will search for the best technician who provides oven repair service in Bangalore (assuming you live in Bangalore, it could be any other city or state across the world)? It is very easy at present to get your microwave serviced. There are a lot of companies which provide the best repair service at your doorstep. These home services companies, as they are called, can be contacted easily via their app or website. So, all you have to do is go to the website or download the app of the best company and book service as per your convenience. You do not have to ask your friends if they know any technician or so, or check service listing websites. You can search for the best services companies around your place on Google and download their app, and you can book service from the comfort of your home, gym or any place or any country. You’ll receive a call from their executive very soon to confirm the process and to know the challenges you’re facing with the device. On the specific date or time, the concerned person will come and restore the microwave oven to normal.

Hope you found this article useful. Please, share your thoughts about our content through the comments section below and if you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. It’ll encourage us to write more and bring awesomely brewed content to you consistently.

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