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5 Beautiful Utah Towns You Can Call Your Home

The western state of Utah is revered for its amazing climate and wondrous natural beauty.

There are 5 national parks, 43 state parks, and multiple national monuments all present in the state. It’s no wonder that living in Utah is an amazing experience, but what are the best towns to live in Utah?

Everyone has a different idea about what makes the perfect place to live. Some think that it is a natural beauty, others love urban environments and activity. No matter what you love, you can rest assured that any list of the best towns to live in Utah will have something that you’re looking for.

Utah is a growing, thriving state that is home to over 3 million people. It features rural settings, breathtaking desert landscape, and vibrant, fast-moving cities.

Here are the top 5 towns in Utah if you’re looking for new homes or properties to buy:

1. Kaysville

Located far enough away from Salt Lake City that it is separate but you can still enjoy the big city activities, Kaysville is often ranked as the best suburb of Salt Lake City. This family-friendly place more than earns its spot, with beautiful scenery, small-town charm, and access to big-city amenities.

2. Ogden

Located 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, Ogden is the center of its own thriving and growing community. While the area hasn’t always had the best reputation, modern Ogden is a swarming buzz of activity and natural wonder. The downtown is framed by mountains and there are nearby ski resorts which you can take advantage of.

3. Salt Lake City

It isn’t often that you’ll find the largest city in a state as being suggested as a top contender for one of the best places for new homes. However, Salt Lake City may just be the best town in Utah to live in. A constantly growing metropolis, it is home to amazing architecture and religious centers.

Salt Lake City is also surrounded by amazing nature and natural beauty. It is also a great base camp for many of the most amazing hiking, skiing, and snowboarding areas in the state. This makes it among the best mountain towns to live in Utah or anywhere else.

4. Highland

A bit more expensive than others on the list, Highland might be considered the best small town in Utah to live in. It is off the beaten path, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. You won’t want to go inside at all once you see the beauty of this place.

5. Provo

No list of the best towns to live in Utah is complete without adding Provo. A thriving college town, the area is home to Provo Canyon and other outdoor wonders. A dynamic, fast pace city that has grown continuously over the last 10 years, Provo won’t disappoint you no matter what you’re looking for.

Best Towns to Live in Utah

Utah is an amazing state, made even the more wondrous by how amazing the largest city in the state is. No matter where you choose, remember that the best towns to live in Utah are everywhere. Take a look around the link above to find out where you can find homes for you and your family, get out there and enjoy Utah today.

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