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Best Ebikes for Long Distance Commuting

If you’re buying an ebike for long-distance commuting, you’ll want to make your selection carefully. Some ebikes are better suited to long rides than others. You’ll also need to consider battery range so you don’t end up stranded far from your home without a way to easily get back. If you want a long distance electric bike you can rely on to go the distance with you, here are a few of your best options.

EVRYjourney 250W

The EVRYjourney 250W bike is an extremely comfortable long-distance ebike for sale. Made for women, this ebike helps to encourage a comfortable, tension-free riding experience. It encourages an ergonomic riding position that helps keep the wrists, shoulders, and knees relaxed. This bike also features a 250-watt rear hub drive motor that can provide either full motor power or pedal assistance, depending on your preferences at any given time.

The EVRYjourney 250W bike also has a throttle that’s easy to use and provides an effortless motorized experience. It also helps give a boost of ebike speed when you need it. The seat is extra-wide and is packed with comfortable foam for your long-distance riding comfort.

EVRYjourney 500W

If you like the EVRYjourney 250W bike but you want more power, the EVRYjourney 500W will meet your needs. This bike has the power to push you beyond what you thought were your limits. Whether your long commute is flat or full of hills and valleys, this bike can get you to your destination.

The top speed of this bike is 20mph (full electric). With pedal assist, you can potentially reach 28mph. You’ll be able to get 20 miles using full electric power, thanks to the 500-watt hour battery. In pedal assist mode, you can get anywhere between 20 and 40 miles.

This bike is designed ergonomically to keep you relaxed while riding long distances. It can also reduce pain and strain on your knees, back, shoulders, and hips. It’s a great choice for all your long-distance commuting needs.

EVRYjourney Fat Tire 500W

What if you plan to commute on your bicycle in less-than-ideal weather conditions? If you’re adventurous and don’t want snowy roads to keep you from getting out and enjoying your bike, you may want to think about investing in the EVRYjourney Fat Tire 500W electric bike. This long distance electric bike features fat tires that can give you better traction in the snow.

This bike is sturdy and will help you get to work, school, or wherever else you might want to go. Reach as far as 20 to 40 miles on a single charge using pedal assist mode. If you take advantage of the full electric mode, you can expect to get around 20 miles on a single charge. The maximum recommended weight for this bike is 250 lbs.

Now that you know some of the best bikes for your long-distance commuting needs, give each of them a test ride. That way you’ll know for certain what type of bike can best keep you comfortable and get you to your destination when you want to ride for miles instead of just blocks.

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