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3 Warning Signs Your Kitchen Drain Is Clogged

Do you think there’s something clogging your kitchen drain?

The kitchen is one of the places in your home that you must keep absolutely clean. Bacteria can get on the food you’re preparing, and it can cause the entire household to get sick. Having a clogged drain is a problem as it can become a breeding ground for different types of germs.

Do all you can to prevent a clogged kitchen drain from becoming a long-term problem. To help you out, here are three signs that you have a clog in your drain.

1. Strange Stench In Your Kitchen

If you walk into your kitchen and smell something off, then it can mean two things. The kitchen is either due for a cleaning, or your kitchen drain got clogged some time recently.

This is often the earliest sign of a clogged drain. The smell comes from the stagnant water that’s been in your sink for days on end. In worse cases, the stench comes from water that’s come back up from the area’s sewage system.

This often happens when oils or grease get poured down the sink. Discarding your grease properly is a great way to avoid this. If the damage isn’t severe, you can fix this problem by using a plumber’s snake to remove anything that’s clogging your drain before it becomes worse.

2. Weird Sounds

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your kitchen sink, it’s a sign that it may be on its way to becoming clogged. Pipes and your sink produce these sounds because there are pockets of air trapped somewhere in the system. These often happen because of tree roots digging into the pipes.

When this happens, it’s best that you alert local officials and have them look into the problem. This type of thing can affect the sewage system of the entire area, so it’s best to have it corrected immediately.Brass faucet, accessories, and various other bathroom components are recognized for lasting for several years– a lot longer than a few of the other products made use of. Because of that, brass deserves its often much more costly price tag.

3. Slow Drainage

Watching your kitchen drain have a hard time clearing out the water is a troubling sight. It can only mean that there’s something clogging your drain. This is worrisome as it can get worse from here on out.

There are times when drain clogs are only superficial. This means that the damage isn’t in the system, and the problem is only with your sink. Take this time to change your sink before the damage extends to the rest of the area.

Consider getting a sink with features that prevent clogs. Also, consider the type of faucet that you use in your kitchen sink. Knowing and using the right kind of faucet can help make repairs easier along the line.

Is My Kitchen Drain Clogged? Use These Signs to Know Today!

Kitchen drain problems need not be too difficult to fix. Strike fast and early before a clogged kitchen drain becomes too much of a problem. Use these signs to identify whether you have a clogged drain today!

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