the grunge wood board was eating by group of termites
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Top 5 Sure Warning Signs Of Termites In Your Home

Termites, also commonly referred to as white ants, play an important part in our planet’s ecosystem. Yet, their ability to damage and destroy buildings and homes over time makes them an enemy of property owners and one that demands respect.

Termites have an incredibly efficient system of swarm intelligence that gives them strength in number and purpose. Colonies of termites can be as small as a few thousand or as massive as millions. Because they operate from the protection of hidden tunnels and keep their queen(s) well hidden from threats, termites often go unnoticed for decades.

By the time they are discovered and exterminated from your home, the damage to the property may already be substantial. One thing is for sure, if termites move in and claim your home as their source of food, you have no choice but to exterminate the colony.

The quicker you are aware of the problem and take action the better. Keep reading for the warning signs of termites.

1. Flying Termites

If you ever see live termites in your home or discarded wings of termites it is extremely likely that they have already set up shop somewhere in or near your home. Termites are good at hiding their presence, so if you spy any, there are almost certainly thousands of others nearby.

2. Mud Tubes

Termites often set up underground and tunnel out into the surrounding areas looking for food sources. They build mud tunnels along foundations to protect them from the sun as they infiltrate a structure. As these tunnels are external they are often the first sign homeowners notice.

3. Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint is a clear warning sign you have problems with moisture damage in your home. Although this doesn’t automatically mean you have an infestation, moisture-damaged wood is a termite’s preferred meal as they need a moisture-rich environment to survive.

4. Hallowed Wood

All doubt of termite infestation leaves when hallowed wood is discovered. Termites tunnel their way through wood and once their lines to food sources are established they will branch out and start to make a noticeable impact in the way the wood sounds if you knock on it.

If wood sounds hollow, when you knock on it, it is a tell-tale sign of termites. To verify the problem remove a section of trim board and look for tunnels on its hidden side.

5. You Can Hear Them

Believe it or not, one way to tell if you have termites eating your home from the inside out is that you can hear them in the walls and floors. Termites make “clicking noises” by banging their heads against the walls of their tunnels as a warning of danger to their hive. You can even hear them chowing away at the wood.

Granted these sounds are so soft that most people ignore them or not notice them at all. However, if you put your ear to a termite-infested section of wood, there is a very good chance you will hear them in there.

Termites: Serious Threat to Your Home

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating what these little insects are capable of. If they are in your home they are systematically eating it for survival.

Be on the lookout for signs of termites so you can catch the problem early and save your home from extensive damage. For more useful advice on everything under the sun, keep coming back to our blog.

Zaraki Kenpachi