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5 Pest Control Tips Everyone Should Know

Did you know that termites cause more than $5 million in property damage in the US every single year? However, even if you manage to avoid termite damage, there are plenty of other pests that can cause a threat to your home.

Fortunately, with a little knowledge of preventative pest control, you can learn how to get rid of pests and protect your home. We’re here to help!

Keep reading to learn about the most effective pest control tips for your home.

1. Seal Gaps Around Your House

Over time, small cracks will develop around the doors and windows of your home. Often, these gaps are so small that you don’t notice them. However, even the smallest gaps are a welcome invitation to unwanted pests.

One of the best pest control treatment tips is to take a closer look around your doors and windows. When you identify small gaps, fill them in caulk so pests can no longer come inside.

2. Don’t Neglect Cleaning Chores

No one likes to clean their home, but if you start seeing signs of pests, it could mean that your home needs to be cleaned. Eliminate dirt, dust, and crumbs around your home by regularly vacuuming and dusting high-traffic areas.

You should also wipe down your windows and sills since that’s an area where pests tend to spend time.

Finally, be sure to clean fabric areas of your home like your bedsheets, couch cushions, and pillow covers to help keep pests out.

3. Properly Store Food

Think about the foods you like to snack on for a minute. Well, pests want to snack too! If you leave food out on your counters, it’s like a buffet for pests. Help prevent pests from coming into your kitchen by storing food in air-tight containers and wiping down your stove and countertops after you’re done cooking.

If you keep bags of chips or cereal out, be sure to secure them with a clip.

4. Take Care of Your Lawn

Before pests come into your home, they’ll be outside it, in your yard. Help get rid of them at the source by making sure that you keep your grass short, so there are fewer places for pests to hide.

You’ll also want to get rid of organic debris like leaves and dead branches, which are a breeding ground for certain pests.

If you notice an infestation outside while you take care of your lawn, it’s only a matter of time before they come inside, so consider hiring pest control services to keep it under control.

5. Be Mindful of Firewood

There’s nothing better than a crackling fire in the winter. However, storing firewood right outside your home means you’re creating a cozy spot for pests. Then, when you bring the wood inside, you bring the pests with it.

Instead, keep your firewood away from your home, stored in a dry, covered place to keep it free of pests.

Remember These Pest Control Tips

After reading through these pest control tips, you have the knowledge you need to keep your home safe and protected. Now, it’s time to get to work!

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Zaraki Kenpachi