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4 Ways to Charge your iPhone without a Charging Block

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways to charge your iPhone without using a charging block, which needs to be plugged into the wall socket. The easiest way to charge your Apple item is by taking help of a charging cable with the USB port on a computer. If you need, you can use some of the portable chargers to charge your phone via its cable. For that, you must have an iPhone charging cable. Otherwise, these methods won’t work.

1. Be sure to find a USB Port

Be sure that the charging cable you’re carrying matches with the model you are using. When this cable is separated from the charging brick, it has a USB connector at one side. That end of the wire can be used in conjunction with USB port for charging the iPhone. There are some wireless options made available by apple charger India variation, which are designed for some specified models like iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and the newer apple models that include Xs, Xs max, and XR. These chargers have wide flat dishes, where you have to place the iPhone back down, and it’ll start charging.

2. Now for the USB port

Most of the USB ports could be used for powering up the USB items like the main phone’s charger. USB ports that come in the computer are always powered unless they are broken. In case you fail to find a USB port, try working with a portable charger from the Apple store for a change.

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3. Best portable chargers in town

Apple is a reputed name when it comes to electronic devices. It has some of the best technical items and is the first one to address those to the crowd. Just like a basic charger, you can procure some portable ones from the source as well. For using a portable charger, you might have to invest some bucks in portable batteries. You can charge these batteries ahead of time and can carry the charger around anywhere you go. Here, to use the charger, you have to get a matching USB charging cable. This cable will connect the charger with the phone.

  • Always be sure that the battery pack is compatible with iPhone before you end up purchasing one. If the packaging does not state separately that it works with iPhone, then chances are high they are not compatible with the iPhones.
  • Most of the battery packages are available pre-charged. So, you can just walk into the store, purchase a pack and can start charging within seconds.

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4. Going for the car chargers

Apple has separate car chargers for the customers to use. You can just connect the device with your car, and that’s it! It is the easiest way to charge your phone when you are using it while driving. Even if you need to head down anywhere, you don’t have to waste time on charging the phone. The car chargers have you covered.

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