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9 Ways blogging can help you build a successful freelance career

Can you get regular projects or tasks to work on as a freelancer like one gets in a regular nine to five job? Can freelancers find a platform to sell products and create an online “image” to make them more successful? There is one way to do so, and that is “Blogging”. Blogging can help Freelancers in getting new clients and can bring a lot of experience as well.

Do we count how many times we see the term blogger written on someone’s Instagram bio? The word blogger is not just used to adorn social media platforms. It is not just a word to make you look better in front of your peers. It is something very real and could help you in the long run.

When the nightmare of “no clients” keeps haunting a freelancer’s dreams, can blogging be the dream-catcher?

On account of various reviews and experiences shared by freelancers, one can say it is not necessary to be a blogger to become a successful freelancer, but it is recommended because it is very helpful.

And at the end of this article, you will know why blogging is a recommended step towards a better freelancing future.

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1. Write Write Write

Blogging gives you an experience in the field of writing. You can write about your life and your experiences or just write on certain topics. Blogging isn’t only restricted just to articles you can also add poems, quotes, images and even videos to your blogs.

Many times bloggers add ads to their blogs so that they can earn money from them as well. So blogging not only promotes your writing skills but it also helps in earning. It is also important to know that it is wrong to expect that you will start earning right from the day after your first post. In conclusion, you have to give it time.

2. Contacts

There are millions of people using the internet every single day. It is obvious that you will receive a lot of views on your blog. A few hundred views are certified after you start blogging. And if you are freelancing and looking for a writing gig for example. Someone in the crowd might want to hire you.

Blogging helps to put your work out there for display. It builds up the number of people who recognize your work. Hence to sum it up, it helps a new freelancer to get more and more contacts.

3. Who you really are?

Blogging is one of the greatest profession or hobby to show who you are as a person. You can share your entire life with people without them knowing you.

Wouldn’t it be great to portray your personality in your work? Freelancing is all about leaving the restrictions of a nine to five job and becoming independent. Blogging helps in displaying you as a unique individual.

4. Availability Declaration

One might think, is putting so much effort into publishing blogs on regular intervals and working on your blog site worth it? How can blogging help a freelancer to find jobs?

Many bloggers who are freelancers as well, add a post or design a space on their page which mentions that they are looking to get hired. So if a person in their audience wants to hire someone and the blogger fits their criteria, that person can contact them.

This is a great way to get clients without having to bid and send a pitch to various companies regularly. Your blog is the ultimate pitch!

5. Self-Marketing

The method of sneakily hinting that you are available for work in your posts is a great way to represent availability. Suppose you are writing a review on a fictional book, you can add a line saying you can do this for a job as well or could review your products if you’re willing to send those products for free.

The main motive is to let the audience know that you are available for work. This helps to build up your freelance career on yet another platform.

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6. Portfolio building

As a freelancer, you often have to make the portfolio according to the client’s preference in order to get hired. But if you are a writer, every single post you put out will be a part of your portfolio, and you can use the best ones to create the master portfolio as well.

If you are a graphic designer, you can add the samples of your work to your blogs and not only that you could write “how to do’s ” on your page. In this way, people will know that you are good at your work and you might get clients due to this step.

7. Unexpected opportunities

Bloggers are widely being approached by companies even when they were not looking for work in the first place. It is an excellent example of career building through blogging. Companies, or firms, in need of specific experienced people, might like your work and approach you.

This way when these companies approach you, you don’t stand in front of them as a job seeker, and this would make you have the upper hand in the situation. Also, they could hire you for advertising their product on your blog or even pay you for writing about them. That is an excellent opportunity to upsell your other services as well.

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8. Higher Payout

A client who is a regular visitor on your blog will see you as a professional. In other cases, you approach the client as a job seeker, but here the client contacts you. It will end you up with receiving a higher payment for the same project you would do if you went out looking for a job.

Although this situation might seem very dreamy but reaching this stage requires posting regular blog posts and might take a lot of time. So you should not lose hope in the first few blogs as any freelancing career, in general, requires time to build.

9. Experience Sharing

You can also fuel your freelance career by sharing your experiences on your blog. You can share your experience with companies, clients and as a freelancer.

Hope you like the article. We would love to hear about your experiences, how blogging has worked for you in the past or if you’re still struggling with it. According to us, it’s an excellent career to choose along with your freelancing career because these two professions complement each other at every node. Please, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family. Your one share could motivate us to work harder and harder and keep bringing awesome content to you regularly. For more awesomely brewed content, stay tuned with Vel Illum.

This article is written in collaboration with Kanika Sanon, Writing Professional and Content Marketer at Broxer Technologies.

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