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How to be an educational microblogger on Instagram?

Whatever industry vertical you belong to you will find brands and influencers promoting brands and products en-masse on Instagram. Suppose the previous fight was to capture the airtime through the traditional media houses. In that case, the current competition is played out in the social media arena as far as promotion is concerned. However, how to go about it being an educational microblogger on Instagram?

What do you think about COVID-19 blogging on Instagram? In the case you lack prior experience with Instagram blogging, you will be confused. However, Instagram blogging is not much different from microblogging on other platforms. Yes, the rules are a bit more interesting concerning captions and word limits. It is obviously different from traditional blogging, but with a bit of experience, you can make your venture a popular one.

Instagram as a multi-utility tool

Entrepreneurs already use the Instagram profile as a blogging tool for advertising their products and services. If you look at their strategies carefully, then you will find there is a proper plan in place. A social media outlet is one of the most accessible platforms to set up that can provide you unlimited exposure. If you are looking to create brand awareness, build a foundation or provide educational content to inform the masses. The only trick is to be consistent with the attitude and creativity on social media platforms.

So, how to go about educational content blogging on social media platforms like Instagram.

A step-by-step guide to Instagram blogging

Any expert blogger will know that blogging is an umbrella term for photography, writing, and other media content. If you want to turn your Insta profile into a COVID-19 educational and informative blog, you need to understand it is very different from regular content. You will need informal language, regular updates, as well as engage audiences through a conversation.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

The right Insta profile

It would be best if you start by creating the right Instagram platform. It does not take much time, and it is free of cost. All you need is to decide on the perfect username based on the content you are looking to provide. Already have a profile and thinking can you change Instagram name to fit the current plans? Simply navigate to the profile section to do the needful. Once you have created a secure password, you are good to go. For a better handle and insights regarding various analytics, make sure to create a business Instagram profile right at the start.

Choose the right niche

At the start of your Instagram blogging career, you need to aim for consistent development. By this, we mean that you need to ensure the steady growth of your profile as far as user engagement is concerned. Keep in mind you cannot serve a huge audience base right at the start. So, start slow and be sure of the niche you are looking to operate in to not go wrong with your choice. Then, identify the target audience, gauge the market demand and cater to the demand as honestly and consistently as possible.

The bio is vital

It would be best if you created an attractive and engaging “bio” section for your profile. Keep in mind that the bio section piques the interest of the millions of Instagram users and is the best feature to attract newer followers and users to your profile. According to social media experts, the bio acts as the identity and calling card for you and your venture. Ensure to create an engaging bio that will also provide a sneak-peak into what your page stands for. Provide all the relevant information so that followers can understand and quickly get in touch with you as and when required.

Attractive images for better user experience

Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing site, and therefore the quality of images on this platform is consistently at the top level. And it is not just about the resolution as the quality, style, and aesthetic elements of the image are also vital. While sharing photos, it is, therefore, indispensable to understand the edit features and filters that can improve the quality. However, do not restrict yourself to just the photos, as there are several media items that you can use to generate user interest.

Build the context for every blog post

The context, in this case, every detail regarding COVID-19 is the driving force for the profile. This is something you need to put forth with every aspect of your profile. The profile username, the captions, the posts, contents, and other blog items all need to be based around the same context. This will build credibility and increase your authority. Blogging is all about using your words the right way, and Instagram is strict on maintain character limits. So, make sure to use thought-provoking captions and think outside the box to get the attention of the followers.

Work on your content, use the right hashtags, and boost your profile visibility. Ensure all the tips as mentioned previously to build the best educational and informative Instagram blog.

Zaraki Kenpachi