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Facebook Vs Instagram: What’s best for your business?

Social media is a new trend in today’s date. Every other person is sharing, posting images, videos, uploading stuff of the daily living activities, either business or personal stuff. The use of the social media is not restricted to only some specific people or gender. There is no age limit, gender specification, and any other restriction. Anybody can make use of this trend at any time and have fun. Facebook and Instagram are the two most favorite sites among the users of every age. There are a lot of things to do on these social media sites, which only demands to make your profile on them. They connect you to your friends and family, help you by letting you stay updated; you can promote your business and add pictures or videos according to your choice.

For the promotion of the business, your Facebook page or group would grow many followers depending on the number of likes and shares which you can buy from different sites available, for letting people get awareness. In the same respect, for Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers for letting people know about your brand.

So, let’s compare these two most common social media platforms i.e. Facebook Vs Instagram and see who will be the winner of 2018.

A comparison between Facebook Vs Instagram

The number of users

Instagram has less number of users as compared to Facebook because Instagram came a bit late than Facebook and people are not that much active on Instagram as they’re on Facebook. You will find more of your friends active on Facebook. So, the use of Instagram is not that much prominent these days. We hope that people will give Instagram a chance soon.

Winner: Facebook


Mostly, the young generation is active on Instagram. They appreciate the concept of Instagram, whereas Facebook has an equal number of active users of all the age groups. About 55% of the users on Instagram are between the age group 18 to 29. While on the other hand, 74% of the Facebook users check their accounts daily. If you want to advertise your business, do it on the basis of platform and the number of active users. You should do the ad for the youngsters only on Instagram and all age groups ones on Facebook. Overall, Facebook provides a better reach than Instagram.

Winner:  Facebook


When it comes to the level of engagement, Instagram takes up the scale. The same brand, posting the same pictures on both of the platforms will give you a visible difference between the likes and the number of shares for that post on the two platforms. Instagram will rule over Facebook in this context.

Facebook Statistics Instagram Statistics
1.13 billion daily active users       500 million monthly active users
1.03 billion mobile daily active users 300 million daily active users
1.71 billion monthly active users    4.2 billion likes daily
1.57 billion mobile monthly active users   Over 95 million photos/videos per day

The comparison shows that Facebook has the number of users, but Instagram has better statistics in engagement and content sharing.

Winner: Instagram

Assessing platform strength

Instagram is all about sharing pictures and videos. You can publish a short video of about 15 seconds to a larger one up to 1 minute. It gives your followers a direct message and concept. In contrast, Facebook has a lot of variety and features. You can choose that which platform will best suit your posted content.

Winner: Facebook


Facebook provides you more privacy options. But on Instagram, you only have two choices, public or private. So Facebook wins over Instagram when it comes to Privacy.

Winner: Facebook

CONCLUSION – Facebook Vs Instagram

So, Facebook wins over Instagram in more cases and is the winner in our view. But the nature of your business will further help you decide which platform suits you best as per your requirements.

Winner of Facebook Vs Instagram: Facebook


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