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FIFA World Cup 2018: Croatia vs Iceland

26/06/2018 Croatia Vs Iceland – FIFA World Cup 2018

Playing in the final matches of Group D on Tuesday, Croatia and Iceland gave each other a tough fight before Croatia took away the game. Croatia vs Iceland game ended with Croatia at the top of the table of Group D. The scorecard, in the end, displayed 2-1 to Croatia with the goal scorers for the game being Sigurdsson, Badelj, and Perisic.

Milan Badelj scored the first goal of the match after the first half for Croatia. Gylfi Sigurdsson was the next to hit a goal and equalise the scores to 1-1. It would have been a dream script if Iceland could have kept the match to 1-1 score, and cause an upset, but a last-minute goal by Perisic meant that Croatia stayed on the top of the table and moving to the next round with Argentina.

Unexpectedly, it has been Croatia that has topped the tables. Everyone had been expecting a total dominance of the Argentinian team along with Messi ruling the tournament, but it hasn’t been the case. In the other match between Argentina vs Nigeria on the same day, Argentina managed to win the game against the Africans in the last minute. The much-needed win for the Argentines would have boosted their confidence.

The six teams that have qualified to the round of 16 along with Argentina and Croatia are Denmark, France, Russia, Uruguay, Spain, and Portugal. The other teams for the next round will be decided with the matches to be played on Thursday and Friday. It will be interesting to watch all these team fight-out to get the hands on the World Cup 2018.

We will be covering all the coming matches and discuss them in detail. Make sure to stick with us for all the latest happenings in this FIFA World Cup 2018. Check out our other posts for more interesting content.

Zaraki Kenpachi