For those of us who know we deserve a fucking cocktail and don't feel guilty about it, I've compiled a list of the best beauty products. Greetings, y'all.


Take a look. Let’s not beat a dead horse with the bourdeaux.


It would be at the top of my list if it were socially appropriate to list “drinking” as a sport or pastime. Some people kickbox, while others play video games. I, on the other hand, drink. Nothing makes me happier than spending an afternoon with my parents, sipping quality drinks and enjoying each other’s company. It is without a doubt the best.


Still, fortunately for you, I’m not just an experienced sailor (truly!). Right now, I’m drinking a Grenache from Domaine la Rocaliere.) I’m a makeup junkie as well. I know how to go out, howl at the stars, and wake up feeling daisy new the next morning.


For those of us who know we deserve a fucking cocktail and don’t feel guilty about it, I’ve compiled a list of the best beauty products. Greetings, y’all.


The thing about Glossier is that it’s well worth the hype. Every single one of their products that I’ve used has become a regular in my daily routine. Super Bounce is a serum that advertises itself as being incredibly hydrating, and boy does it deliver. And if you’re hungover, your face doesn’t have to show it. And it won’t feel like it with Super Bounce on your side. I simply slather it on after removing all of my makeup, and my pores never feel like this the next morning. Super Bounce is the item you hold next to your bed to ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer as a result of the wine you consumed the night before.


It’s no wonder that people who like drinking don’t get nearly as much sleep as they should. What are you talking about?! You rally and hippity hop on to the next bar while there’s bar hopping to be performed! However, all of that jumping will trigger dry eyes, puffiness, and a general appearance of being run over by a truck. Your closest mate is an eye mask. I just put them on when I’m brushing my teeth and salvaging my hair, and when I take them off, no one will know that I let some bartender named Hunter gift me four free shots of whisky last night. (products)


Take off your makeup before going to bed, regardless of whether you’re a drinker or not. Also, no. With a makeup wipe, no way. Makeup wipes, on the other hand, irritate your face by rubbing your makeup all over it. Sorry, but you’ll need to wash your face to get all of the mascara. That’s why a balm like It’s Bye Bye Makeup is so useful. Simply apply it all over your body, including your skin, and then brush it away with a wet rag. It will remove all of your makeup while still hydrating your face. So even though you miss the remainder of the routine when you’re still half asleep with one foot off, your face won’t be messed up for the next two weeks.


Anyone who has heard about alcohol knows that it is very dehydrating. And if you play the game of drinking a glass of water between and beer. You’ll probably be dehydrated as a result of that. And, I’m not sure about you, but the first place I see it is in my mouth. Particularly if I’ve been munching on the bar nuts or some other junk they’ve put out on the bar top for plebs like me. My lips are the first to fade and slip apart. My lips have been holding up a lot better since I began using a lip mask once or twice a week. There will be no chapped lips in this house, fam!

Zaraki Kenpachi