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5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Tea Immediately

Tea is one of the most favourite hot drink for everyone, and most of the people start their day as well as end with a cup of tea. Especially, there is no Indian house that doesn’t prepare tea daily.

Though it has numerous health benefits, at the same time, it also has some bad effects on health, when you start your day with a cup of tea. So, better to avoid it as much as possible. Even though it is impossible immediately, but if it is put into practice slowly the habit can be changed to some healthy drink or fresh fruit juices and you can order healthy drinks online as well using Swiggy Promo Codes.

Now, you may be curious to know about the reasons that could make you stop drinking tea immediately. Here are the top five reasons that could actually make you to forcibly stop drinking tea to lead a happy and healthy life.

1. Body gets dehydrated

Yes, it may surprise you to know that drinking tea leads to dehydration, but it’s true. It is because of its diuretic nature that makes the body to get dehydrated. Drinking tea in the early morning makes the body more dehydrated because already there will be no water in the body for eight hours due to sleep. It means, the body is in dehydration state and upon that again if we drink tea, the body gets dried, and that leads to muscle cramps.

2. Side effects and risks of cancer

Yes, drinking tea can lead to cancer in some cases. The caffeine present in it leads to many serious problems. Some of the researchers have stated that, while drinking tea, the steam produced by it will lead to nose bleeding. The other side effects that generally people suffer from are they lose their appetite and even does not feel to sleep.

3. Spraying of pesticides on tea plants

In order to protect tea plants from the insects and pests, they are sprayed with powerful pesticides as well as germicides. They contain huge amounts of fluoride in it, intake of fluoride is not good for health. However, no company takes care to wash the tea leaves before crushing them to make powder. As much old the tea plant is that much amounts of fluoride it contains, so better go with the younger plant leaves and all these plants contain huge levels of antioxidants. If you really want to drink then go with the branded tea powder, because they take care of these concepts to protect their brand name. It is essential to avoid fluoride in food, because it may lead to bone and teeth decay along with kidneys problem.

4. Ingredients make the difference

Yes, definitely the ingredients present in the tea powder will definitely have worst effects. In general, we will check the ingredients present on the tea bag and purchase it. They generally inform all the items they have mixed with the tea powder. However, the real thing will be hiding under the name of Natural flavours. It means they will mention it as natural flavours, but it contains the low-quality tea leaves along with other flavouring agents that are included to just give aroma.

5. Tea powder packing

Yes, tea powder packing is another most important thing that is affecting human health. It is because the tea powder is packed up in a plastic bag or mesh covers both of them are not good for health. Additionally, you can replace your normal tea with ice tea and buy them using Grofers Offers at discounted prices.  It is because these are made with very strong plastics that induces very harmful effects on the human body.

So, all the above mentioned are the five reasons to stop drinking tea immediately. Henceforth, make the habit of drinking other healthy drinks as substitutes to it. The most important thing is to avoid early morning tea because it causes more effects than the other part of the day. Thus, it is more important to take care to avoid as much tea as possible and prefer fresh drinks instead of it.

In the early morning it is a good idea to consume alkaline drinks, so try to drink buttermilk or a glass of lukewarm water along with lemon juice. It is also a good idea to drink honey in Luke warm water which improves digestion and makes a person active throughout the day. It is also a good idea to drink coconut water instead of tea for better results.

So try avoiding Caffeine drinks and start with healthier drinks to kick start your day in a happier mood and be active throughout the day.

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Zaraki Kenpachi