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Eyes Are Most Valuable – How To Take Proper Care Of Them?

Eyes are the most sensitive and valuable part of the human body. As this is the age of technology and one is always surrounded by it. Sometimes this technology is good, but for the most part, it is considered to be dangerous and harmful. One is surrounded by a computer screen all day and night which is harmful to look at. As a study suggested that a normal human being spends most of his day in front of the screen, this can either be a computer screen, television screen, Smartphone screen, etc. These screens harm the eyes in every way possible as it is terrible to stare onto them for a long time but what can one do as computers are everywhere. Let’s dive into a daily routine of an individual, from them waking up in the morning, then sitting in front of the computer in the office and then, at last, relaxing in front of the TV and spending some time on the Smartphone before sleep. From this, it’s concluded that one is spending way too much in front of the screen and they don’t realize it yet that their eyes are being affected in a bad way from being in front of the screen.


Technological side effects aren’t the only things to watch out as the whole world is keen on being developed or is developed and because of this, the pollution levels are so much higher than ever. Here the real deal is air pollution as the whole environment is filled with dust, foreign particles and harmful gases which when inhaled causes a lot of problems, but the first thing that gets affected by these dangerous particles is the human eye. They can cause itching, irritation, and redness in the eyes; sometimes it results in loss of the vision temporarily or permanently too.

What should be done?

Here are some of the things which one can do to protect their eyes:

  • Always wear sunglasses with a good resisting power towards any type of light.
  • Do not expose the eyes to a harsh environment or bad surroundings.
  • Stay away from polluted areas especially where the air is polluted.

The things stated above are pretty much impossible to follow in this world because these are just general facts, not practical. They can be useful but hard to be followed strictly. One cannot wear sunglasses every time and what about night time? There is one solution which is effective in any type of case, and it is eyewash.


What is Eyewash?

Eyewash can be defined as a fluid which is helpful in physically washing the eye when it is exposed to foreign materials, dust, and substances. Individuals having sensitive eyes can take the help of eyewash as it is known for providing instant relief to the eyes. But if one is suffering from previous eye problems, then a prescription is mandatory. It can be used daily if required, as one is being exposed to pollution every day. One can also opt for this in the emergency as it is known to give better and faster results.

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Which eyewash to use?

As the problems related to the eyes are increasing day by day, the market is being filled with eye washes. But this is a very sensitive case, so only a trusted and verified eyewash should be used. You should be using one of the most trusted and verified eyewashes which has a good reputation in the market and owns the trust of the customers and doctors. Such eyewashes are used to get relief from many problems, and some of them are listed below:

  • Irritation in the eye due to exposure to some foreign particles or dust which sometimes gets resided in the eye and then causes irritation.
  • Stinging in the eyeball due to some particles present in the eye.
  • Itching and burning in the eye.
  • Apart from these, it can also cure any discomfort in the eye.

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But if the individual is suffering from a more severe problem, then using Bausch and Lomb advanced eye relief eyewash will surely get the eye relieved. This ‘Bausch and Lomb’ advanced eye relief eyewash is well known for removing chlorinated water and air pollutants from the eye. One should not touch the cap of the eye because it might result in the contamination of the solution which will then affect the solution properties.

Please note: This should only be applied after removing the contact lenses from the eye.

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