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What to do if Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer is Broken?

Broken devices are something nobody wants to experience. We are living in a day and age when a lot of daily activities are done digitally. So, when we have our devices broken, we need to invest additional time and money to cover the gap that has been created as a result. Some people make the mistake of thinking that today’s security measures can prevent this sort of damage. But, this is not entirely true.

You will surely agree that there are a lot of limitations. For example, if you break your computer or laptop, chances are that your hard drive will be beyond repairmen. So, you will lose all the data you have accumulated over time. In case when you have used this device solely for business, you will agree that you will not suffer only material loos, but also financial, which can be much severe, depending on what’s your perspective.

In case you have a device you want to repair, you should pay a visit to rapidiphone.repair. Still, you are helpless when your phone, tablet, or computer gets broken, or that you can’t get anything out of it. Now, we want to talk about a couple of things you need to take into consideration when this happens. Let’s begin.

Can You Access Mobile with a Broken Screen?

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The commonest thing that happens is when the mobile phone screen is broken. You know that it’s not possible to access the data on your phone. Thankfully, you can get them without looking for the service. You can do this by connecting the device to your laptop or PC. If you have all the essential drivers on your laptop, you can access this data easily, by transferring them to the hard drive.

The only condition is that your touch function should be operative enough to unlock your phone. Just ask anyone who’s experienced something like this, and you will get an answer that this is the best possible scenario. If the screen is completely broken and there is no way you can access the data, you will have no other option but to look for a professional who can do it for you.

If the screen is broken, and other parts are still functional, this is also a good thing for you to hear. The reason is quite simple, you can just replace the screen and use it pretty much the same way you used to, with a minimal investment. If you’re lucky enough, you will still have a warranty, so, there will be no need to invest any additional money into the device. Even if this is not the case, screens are not as costly as some other parts.

How About Tablets?

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Tablets weren’t as popular as some other devices until a decade ago. But, when you take a look at the market, it’s obvious that they have emerged enough to rival laptops and mobile devices in terms of popularity. Naturally, we are talking about devices you can move around freely, which increases your chances of breaking them as a result of an accident. Once again, the screen is a part that will suffer the most damage.

Still, don’t think that you will not come across some other sorts of problems. For instance, many users say that they have experienced a problem with turning on these devices. The display remains black whatever they do. We can see that this can happen as a result of a fall. Again, many software errors can cause a similar issue, even though if it doesn’t look like that at first sight.

If you cannot turn the device on, there is unquestionably no way you can save the data on it. However, if only the screen has suffered some damage, then you will have a chance to save this data. Still, repairing the screen of a tablet will require a much higher investment on your behalf. When you have the experience with these issues, the situation is quite simple, these screens are not only bigger, but they are more complex.

How Can PCs and Laptops Get Broken?

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Finally, we would like to discuss the potential scenario when your PC or laptop gets broken. Once again, laptops are mobile devices. Meaning, you can carry them with you freely, without any limitation, which increases the chance of them getting broken if they fall. They are probably even more sensitive than mobile phones and tablets because they are heavier. So, even the slightest fall can be fatal in some cases.

Naturally, chances are that you can it can be repaired. But if this is not possible, that doesn’t mean that you should throw it away. Instead, you can always sell it because some parts can be used for repairing devices with a similar problem. Salvaging as much as you can sometimes be your only option. As a last resort, you can always sell the device for scraps and get something out of it. That money can be invested in a brand new laptop or some other device, right?

It needs to be said that the situation will be complete with PCs. Since you cannot move them because they have a direct attachment with a power cable, you can use them only in one place. Still, they can get broken for some reason. There’s a big difference because the damage they can suffer can be inflicted by the user, which is not unusual. With that in mind, the damage can be so severe that repairing your monitors, for example, will simply not be possible.


Since there are a lot of electronic devices we use every day, there is always a chance we can break them, for whatever reason. Sometimes, repairing these will require so much money that it will not be affordable. So, the best decision would be to purchase a new one. In this article of ours, you will come across some problems and how you can overcome them. But, have in mind that this will not be always possible.

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