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Features of a Split Screen Baby Monitor

Most average split screen baby monitor are not high rated. But newer Baby monitors like baby optics dxr-8 comes with auto-scan feature, which allows you to switch camera automatically each 10 second. But still if you are looking for a new split screen baby monitor, go through the new generation of best split screen baby monitor from Baby Monitor Town. Motorola is one of the famous brands offering good quality baby monitors with latest technology features. Following are some benefits of buying a Motorola baby monitor and how it can benefit your child.

It is easy to set up – The best part about Motorola baby monitor is that it is easy to set up. By using a USB connector, you can turn on the Motorola baby monitor and see your baby in a live manner. Moreover, you can also do various other things with the device such as controlling music player, controlling computer, controlling television, and many more.

Advanced technology – The Sony camera infant DXR-8 is equipped with high resolution, multi-point monitoring, and auto scan technology to provide the best protection to the baby. It has two cameras on it, one is the front facing one and the other one is the back facing one. These two cameras are installed in different positions in the gadget. Through the intelligent auto technology, the dual cameras detect movements of your child at a specific distance. It only displays images on one page at a time, so you need to repeat the whole process to see the child in front and back.

Single Room Monitoring – The best part about this device is that it provides dual monitor viewing in just one room. Most of these single cameras offer the image at a resolution of 1080i. It can display two rooms at the same time, which provides a very realistic view. Most of the baby monitors today have this special feature.

Improved picture quality – One of the main features that were present in baby monitors till now was the clear picture quality. The picture quality of these cameras was not that good until the recently released by Sony camcorders. These new cameras have been designed to have clearer images and superior color rendition. Apart from the improved clear picture quality, these cameras are able to capture the motion of the baby much better. There is a new technology present in these that allows the baby’s motions to be captured with much precision.

No more button pushing – Another great technology present in these is the absence of the button pushing system. This means that the baby tracker can be used with much ease without having to mess around with the separate buttons. This system is especially useful for the parents who use the infant monitors during the summer months. The baby track can be easily used to track the infant from two different angles without having to get up from your chair.

Three different display modes – The newest of the infant monitor from Sony camcorders is the Eye View feature. This special feature gives the parent unit a three sound level indicator on the top right corner of the screen. This helps the parent unit to locate the baby whenever it needs to locate the baby. This three levels sound indicator gives the best sound clarity. It can also be turned on and off as per the requirement.

Two-way audio – The Sony baby monitor also offers the two-way audio option. This mode allows the user to hear the baby even while it is not being monitored. This can be useful whenever the infant is awake and crying. This option uses the exclusive “listening device” technology to detect the rouse from two locations at one time. This ensures that the baby does not get disturbed at two different times.

Mediacom MyTrace Smart Displays Split Screen Baby Monitor

Baby monitoring has never been made simpler or more secure than with a Samsung and Motorola baby monitor. Bestseller No. 1 Moonybaby Split 50 Wireless Baby Monitor with 2 cameras, Full-Screen Video, Split Screen, Wireless connectivity, Extended View Lens, 4.3 inch Large LCD Display, Night vision, High-light for one selected camera: With split-screen, you view two rooms or both kids side-by-side; you will not miss any loving moments. The Samsung and Motorola baby monitor allows you to get connected to the world at any time, just by simply pressing a few buttons on your mobile phone. You can be confident of what is happening in your home while you are away.

Two cameras in one baby monitor. One baby monitor comes with two cameras so that you have even greater peace of mind. When the camera sees movement in one of the rooms, it automatically pans to the other room. You do not have to worry about getting the two rooms messed up when the baby moves around. These two cameras work well in combination with each other.

With an easy to use interface and a 5.0-inch display size, the Motorola iPage MiniPro is definitely a top choice among baby monitors. This wireless device allows you to view pictures and videos through your mobile phone. It also comes with a free baby recording DVD. The display is very clear and bright, and there are no problems with the picture quality. Since this baby monitor is only about thirty dollars, you can expect to get more features from it than you would from other brands.

The Sony DiD CPAPnea – equipped with a two-way communication and video with a five-foot dual-sided audio cable – is another ideal choice. The front side has a built-in flash light that easily turns on with a flip of a switch. There is a clear voice announcement with a beep that lets parents know that the unit is ready to use. The screen has a high-definition digital display that makes the images crisper than what you can get from an older model. For those who have visual problems, the built-in crystal clear transmission and earphones assure you that you will hear every sound accurately.

The Mediacom Babies Pressure Monitors (M BP 5.0-inch) has many useful features, such as the handy video and audio cable, which allows the two cameras to be used at the same time. It is also capable of recording the information in real time so that it can be stored in the memory or the video camera feed. One great benefit is that it records the temperature and heart rate of the infant. This monitor also has a very helpful feature wherein the parents can view the images on the LCD screen while they are holding their baby. Another added rich features is the pressure level indication on the two cameras.

The Mediacom MyTrace RSVP – equipped with a nine-point seat and a twenty-four-inch band can work well in monitoring your newborn’s progress. The one advantage that these monitors have over the other ones is that they work well even with the use of headphones. Also, it has a neat video camera and a high-definition digital screen that come with its own power supply. In addition, it has a handy remote pan and swivel control. Other helpful features include the foot pedal and the exclusive activity zone that allow the viewing of the nursery activities from any part of the room.

The Mediacom MyTrace Smart Trace Advanced can work well in monitoring your baby even with the help of its parent’s cellular phones. In this monitor, you will get two ways of viewing the information on the touch screen and the LED lights technology. With the touch screen, you will be able to access the information through the monitor’s remote control; however, if you would like to view it on the LCD screen, you just need to turn on the LED’s technology. In this monitor, the LEDs will indicate the temperature, the heart rate, the SpO2, and the blood oxygen saturation of your baby.

The Mediacom MyTrace QS-Pro split screen baby monitor – equipped with an accurate thermal imaging sensor and a high-speed infrared camera has a total of nine different channels. This split screen baby monitor works well with the Infant Care receiver package from Mediacom. Moreover, the built-in nine-point seat and the twenty-four-inch band can work well even with the use of the wireless remotes. It also has a maximum operating temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit and has an accurate glucose indication and a battery life of eighteen hours.



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