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Top Parenting Tips for First Time Parents

Becoming parents is one of the biggest joys of life, it’s so exciting, overwhelming and a journey full of surprises, doubts, unconditional and sacrifice. You’ll be amazed to see how much love and passion you have and how far you can go for the little human being you brought into this world. Many new parents tend to go with the flow or let the baby take the lead and some parents want to go by the book. Whichever parenting type you choose, don’t let the voices of others ground your own instincts and feelings.

There will be plenty of friends, family, relatives or even just random people who would bog you down with so much information that new parents start to feel they are total failures. New parents and especially mothers go through life-altering events in this time frame. Her body has already gone through a spectrum of changes and now she’ll suffer from postpartum depression, nurse her baby, spend countless sleepless nights and days, and practically become a zombie so the last thing she wants to hear is that she’s not doing it right.

Another really demanding yet absolutely important thing is breastfeeding the baby which itself has various problems like some mothers have a low milk supply which can be boosted with milk supply supplements. But so many more problems like these will come on a daily basis, so brace yourself. This newborn baby will make feel joyous and full of life and satisfaction at one moment and in another moment you might feel helpless, fearful, doubtful, and totally incompetent.

Nonetheless, all new parents share the same feelings and problems more or less so we have put together a list of top tips every new parent would find very handy as it answers questions like how to increase milk supply to what to expect when parents become.

  1. Don’t Aim for Perfection

If you’re a first-time parent, that means you have never really actually cared for a little one all by yourself so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll learn and understand along the way. Every parent has the best intentions for their baby so whatever you might do, it may not be perfect but is done with best intention and that’s what’s important at the end of the. Don’t let anyone make you feel that you’re not a good mom or dad, you’re doing what you can do in your capacity and this is enough even if it isn’t in others eyes. Don’t aim for perfection, don’t worry if your home isn’t in the best shape or your body is not coming back to the perfect figure as long as you as parents are happy and the baby is healthy, everything else can wait, you may also find this site interesting: How To Identify Your Parenting Style And Adapt It To Fit Your Child’s Needs, visit parentingpod.com.

“Listen to everyone, do what you feel like”, follow this mantra for staying happy, contented and relaxed. There will be a lot of people telling you to do it the other way or their way but it might have worked for them, it’s not necessary that it will work for you too. Everyone will have conflicting, poles apart opinions on topics like breastfeeding, pooing, burping, sleeping and taking care but what you need to do is to hear, filter and apply the advice you think will work for you.

Don’t do something you will be forced to do because it will only cause you stress and unwanted pressure. For instance, if you know how to increase milk supply some people will propose feeding when the baby demands, some will say pump, some will suggest lactation experts or some would advise for milk supply supplements. You’ll have to trust your instincts and choose what works for you.

  1. Manage Your


Having a new baby in the home will bring changes and adjustments you would have never even imagined. It will take you 10 times longer to do things which you could have done in far less time before. Learn to expect less from yourself and your partner and be flexible in expectations, you’ll be much happier and relaxed. You have to make peace with the fact that it’s the baby who is the priority and not you and your partner. You’ll have to make the switch from being lovers to team members and appreciate each other for what each is doing. Also keep in mind that everything you have preconceived and expected is going to turn upside down so be ready!

  1. Be Open to Help when Offered

Everyone needs help, assistance and support so whenever it is offered be sure to accept it graciously. All our parents and their parents need help in taking care of the baby so even if you live alone, if someone offers to send food, take the baby so you can go to date nights, shower the baby or feed the baby, say yes! If there’s no one offering help you ask for help yourself, especially to your partner. No one is a super-mom or super-dad and please don’t even try to be one, you’ll exhaust yourself, so if friends, siblings, relatives, neighbors or colleagues offer help, be delighted. Use the time to sleep, bath, eat or even watch Netflix, whatever makes you happy or restful.

  1. Don’t Worry About Everything

I know worrying is second to nature for all new parents. They are always worrying, uncertain, doubtful and cynical about everything. Your baby is happy, healthy and well taken care of. Excessive worrying will not let you enjoy your baby and hinder in making beautiful memories. Enjoy your life, stay connected with your life before having a baby and try to chill as it will help you appreciate many things in life. If you’re worried about how to increase milk supply then include milk supply supplements to your diet and you’ll have ample milk supply for your little one.

Final Words from Milky Mama

These are some of the top tips for every new parent. These tips are not about how to take care of your baby, it’s mostly about a mindset that every new parent needs to build in order to make their life easy and relaxed after the baby is born.

Zaraki Kenpachi