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Kids Furniture Selection – Safety Considerations

Purchasing furniture for your kids’ bedroom is an exciting process – picking the colors, the patterns, the style of the furniture, as well as the theme of their room gives you an opportunity to put your creativity to work. Although all these things are necessary in order to design a room your kids will love, there’s one thing that should be every parent’s top priority when it comes to picking kids’ furniture, and that is – safety. There are certain things you need to take into account when selecting furniture for your little ones. Read on to learn more about safety considerations to have in mind when you go shopping for kids’ furniture.

Opt for low rather than tall storage

Wardrobes and shelving units are essential parts of every children’s room and they are great storage solutions for keeping the room clean and clutter-free. When dealing with small rooms, many parents want to maximize the use of the space, so they opt for tall shelving units and wardrobes. Although this is a good idea in general, if you’re a parent, you need to consider the safety measures of introducing such furniture into your kids’ room. When they need something from higher shelves, children tend to climb on the furniture using open lower shelves as stairs. That being said, opting for low and wide storage seems like a much better and safer solution. However, if you have no other options but to use tall and large storage, make sure you anchor the furniture to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

Comfy and safe beds are imperative

When looking for beds, many parents opt for bunk beds for their kids’ bedroom, especially if they are limited by square footage. Bunk beds are a smart solution for smaller bedrooms since they use the room’s height rather than width, thus saving space and leaving room for other things such as toy boxes and bookshelves. Their practicality and space-savviness make them a perfect solution for larger families and they are suitable for older kids. However, parents need to have several things in mind before they purchase bunk beds for their little ones. The bunk beds they choose should be stable and sturdy, protected with guardrails on each side in order to prevent kids from falling off the bed. Also, parents need to check if the ladders are attached firmly and make sure they aren’t slippery to avoid potential accidents.

Choose furniture with round shape and avoid sharp corners

This one is a no-brainer, yet many parents tend to overlook this safety tip. The style and the shape of the furniture definitely matter, but the safety of your little ones should be your top priority when browsing online furniture pieces to complete their room with. That is why it’s best to opt for rounder tables, cabinets, and storage – they are a much safer option than furnishings with sharp edges, which present a potential danger to your kids. You can still have contemporary, edgy furniture in your dining room and your living room – just make sure to use corner and edge safety bumpers on your coffee and dining tables to avoid any accidents.

Avoid glass decor or furniture in your children’s bedroom

The kids’ room should be a place where they can play freely without you worrying about them knocking something over or breaking a piece of furniture. Children like to play, jump, and run around, so placing glass decor or furniture in their room is a big no-no when it comes to the safety of your little ones. Sure, that expensive glass vase you bought looks great, but your nursery isn’t the best place to display it. Your kids can easily get carried away while playing and break the vase, which can cause injuries. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from glass elements until your kids grow up or place them in other areas of your home.

Pay attention to paint finishes on your kids’ furniture

It’s not only the height, materials, and shapes you need to consider when purchasing furniture for your kids – what kind of paint is used for the furniture also matters. When babies are teething, they tend to chew on objects and furniture nearby, and a crib covered with toxic or lead-based paint finishes presents a hazard for them. That is why you need to check if the furniture you want to purchase conforms to safety standards. Also, make sure that the wall paint and finishes you use to paint the nursery are non-toxic to ensure your baby is safe and sound.

Safety plays an important role in selecting furniture for kids. By keeping in mind the safety considerations mentioned above, you’ll maintain an accident-free home and create a place your kids will love spending time in.

Zaraki Kenpachi