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Choosing your Bedroom Wardrobe

Choosing your bedroom wardrobe can be a tricky and stressful process; it has to go with the theme of the rest of your room. The size should be according to that of your room’s shouldn’t be large that it takes up all the space in your room and shouldn’t be too small that you can not fit all the things you need in it.

There are plenty of designs available also there are contemporary and traditional wardrobes, so what goes in your bedroom should be the best because you will spend most of your time there. Do not worry, and stick with us till the end of this article to find out how to choose the perfect wardrobe for your room!


The first thing you need to decide is the type of wardrobe you want, whether you want a fitted wardrobe or a standalone one. The benefit of standalone ones is that you can transport them to a new room or a new house if you shift. You can keep changing the arrangement of your room’s furniture to give it a fresh look. However, that is not possible with the fitted wardrobe and it but you can customize it according to your need. You can decide the size, color, materials, and storage accessories you need. You can also add drawers to your wardrobe.


The second factor you need to take into consideration is the size of your ceiling and your floor. Another thing you need to check is the size of the clothing rod. A rod of height 30 inches would be fine for kids, and pants, skirts, and blouses, 45 inches would be fine. Deeper shelves are convenient because they provide more storage, but they should not be deeper than 15 inches because then you will have difficulty reaching for your clothes. You should also maintain space between the wardrobe and the other furniture to have enough space for movement.


The third thing you need to decide beforehand is the style it has to go with your room’s existing theme. That includes the color you will go for the detailing on the door and the finishes. You can go for a wardrobe without a door, but then you will have to keep your wardrobe tidy at all times. You can go for a minimalist one if that is the vibe of your room. Make sure the interior of your room compliments that of your wardrobe for an aesthetic look.


The basic purpose of a wardrobe is storage, so decide on the storage you need. A 4 door wardrobe has a lot of space, but there are other factors you need to consider. If your wardrobe has more formal wear and dresses, you will need more hanging space. If your wardrobe has many accessories, make sure you have enough drawers, so you organize all kinds of your accessories in different drawers.

Getting a wardrobe does not mean that it has to be heavy on your pocket. There are many options available in the market, so make sure you explore and decide on all these factors beforehand, so you don’t end up buying something that is a waste of your money.

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