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6 Things to Exclude from Your Diet for the Sake of Your Teeth

What you eat and drink can play a big part in your oral health. In most cases it is because some foods and drinks are more prone to cause plaque, which in turn can produce acids and lead to tooth decay.

Assuming you want to avoid that, there are several things you should definitely exclude from your diet:

1. Carbonated sodas

As you’re probably aware, carbonated sodas contain lots of sugar – which will directly cause plaque. On top of that it can dry out your mouth by making you produce less saliva, which will make your mouth more acidic too.

Some dark-colored sodas will stain your teeth too. Suffice to say there are more than enough reasons why you should avoid them like the plague.

2. Sweet and sticky candy

Candy is definitely not good for you. Not only is it high in sugar and will cause plaque, but it also is sticky and will actually stay on your teeth. All in all it is a surefire recipe for tooth decay – and it does not provide any benefits either.

3. Alcohol

All alcoholic beverages will dehydrate you, and the more that you drink the more dehydrated you’ll be. That is not good for your oral health because it will dry out your mouth, and make it more acidic.

4. Ice

Lots of people get into the habit of chewing and eating ice, but it is something that you really should avoid. Because ice is so hard, you can end up damaging your enamel and that will make you more prone to chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. If you find that difficult, try to drink chilled drinks as opposed to those with ice in them.

5. Citrus fruit

Although citrus fruit such as apples, oranges, and lemons are good for you because they have lots of Vitamin C, they are not so good for your teeth. The citric acid that they contain can erode your enamel, especially if you eat lots of them.

While you may not want to exclude citrus fruit altogether, you should definitely try to only consume them in moderation.

6. Bread

Despite being a staple in many diets, eating bread can affect your teeth. It contains a lot of starch, which will break down into sugar and cause plaque. The bread itself is also likely to get stuck in between your teeth. In short it is almost as bad as eating sweet and sticky candy.

See why all of these foods and drinks are not good for your teeth and could have a negative impact on your oral health? If possible you should try to remove them for your diet, or at the very least, make sure that you only take them in moderation.

If you have any doubts, it would be best to ask your dentist Liverpool Street about your existing diet and how it can be improved. That way you can find out whether any of the food or drinks are part of your normal diet could be an issue.

Zaraki Kenpachi