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Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand Out in 2024


If the content is fire, social media is gasoline. 63% consumers who look for businesses online are more likely to become customers of brands if it has an existing social media presence. However, studies also show that 85 percent of business owners are unsure which social media tools to use. It shows a tremendous opportunity for social media marketing to boost revenue, but there is also a lack of awareness about how to achieve such results.

A well-defined social media strategy can increase customer engagement and loyalty. It can also be used to derive customer feedback and insights. Social media marketing contributes to the validation of the brand and is no longer optional. It has asserted itself as a tactic of paramount importance.


Let us look at some tips to make the best use of social media posts. These tips will help you drive increased traffic by making your social media posts stand out among the highly cluttered social media channels in 2024.

Creating long-form content

Long-form content is a broad trend that affects a wide range of marketing strategies. Long-form material is beneficial not only for on-site content but also for social media alerts.


Long Twitter threads that read like articles are becoming increasingly popular among thought leaders. They rank higher (longer material earns 77.2 percent more backlinks than short articles) and tend to perform well on social media.


As a consequence, a greater number of brands are producing lengthy lists and guides that can take hours to read. On Instagram also, it is the text captions that compel people to comment, answer questions, and share their thoughts. In case you need help, get in touch with the leading digital marketing agency for a well-defined social media strategy.

Upgrade your GIFs

Animated images have been scientifically proven to increase social media interaction, so it’s only logical to begin by improving your visual game. You can find great animated GIFs online (or even download from Twitter), but your best bet is to make your original material, as is often the case.

You can use Pixaloop, a Lightricks innovative software that allows you to animate any part of your image. It would be helpful if you also tried to incorporate a range of video effects, overlay objects (stars, birds, candle flickers, coffee steam, and so on), camera effects, and gestures in your visuals.

Using ASCII Art

Text art (also known as ASCII art) is another older trend that has made a comeback as a result of Twitter. Many people appreciate ASCII art. Turning the keyboard symbols into funny cartoons is a thing again, somewhere between the widely known shrug emoticon and the sign bunny memes!


Some brands are becoming well-known as a result of their innovative (and well-branded) ASCII art. You can find built-in ASCII art on the web to use directly in your social media posts. If you’re feeling geeky, you can use Node.js to generate ASCII art from any picture.


Every social media campaign must be monitored to check their performance and to learn from the interaction between your social media traffic and brand in real-time.

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Creating eye-catching social media posts is an art form. It may consume weeks or even months of experimentation and data collection to understand what works for your brand. It necessitates a great deal of brainstorming and imagination. And this is what adds to the excitement of the process!

Zaraki Kenpachi