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Online trivia game: Online knowledge for kids

I don’t know you, but I love playing online games after I have done the work that I have to do. And online trivia games are as fun as they challenge your online knowledge for kids. I play crosswords every day. It is the same as printing a puzzle and completing it with a pencil. But online, I’m really starting to enjoy trivia games.


I’ve always loved the board game Trivial Pursuit, but now I can play online and earn credits at the same time! SFI’s new Eager Zebra game, Knockout Trivia, is one of the new multiplayer online games where members challenge each other from all over the world. There are interesting and fun quizzes and trivia answers in multiple choice format.


If you are eliminated in a first round, you have the option to return to the game, but only once. If you get knocked out again, you’re done. However, you can take a closer look at the rest of the game to see more questions and correct answers.


So why do people like to play games online?

Dr. Susan Klaus Whitborn, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, conducted a survey and found some very interesting reasons.


It is social. Many may think of online games for antisocial people who love solitude. For some players, this may be true. But for many others, that is not all. Especially if you are playing a game that is challenged by your opponent. It gives people the opportunity to connect with friends and family who live far away. Or provide returnees with a fun and entertaining way to connect.


Older people say it also gives them a way to connect with their grandchildren.


Challenge your mind. Some people responded to a survey that playing some games creates mental challenges for them and improves their cognitive skills.


Helps relieve stress. If you are doing a physically demanding job, online games provide a way to get some peace and quiet and decompress without getting bored or physically overwhelming …


Different people play different games for different reasons. And there are some interesting facts in the Venturbeat.com article on online gaming.


According to the Spil Games industry report, more than 1.2 billion people play games around the world.

Approximately 700 million of them are playing online games. According to comScore data cited by Spil Games, this represents 44% of the world’s online population.


46% of the players are women and 54% are men. The main categories for boys and men are racing, sports, and action games. The main categories for women are puzzles, quizzes, words, matchmaking, and mahjong games. The main categories for girls are cooking games, dress up games and pet grooming.


About 47% of women between the ages of 15 and 24 gamble, and 54% of men gamble. At the upper limit, 41% of women over 45 and 37% of men are gambling.


The most common place for people to play is on the couch, and 69 percent said yes. 57% play in their bed at home. 41 percent are playing in front of the television. 34 percent play in the bathroom. 55 percent are playing waiting for their promise. And 63% play as passengers on buses, trains, or cars. I’m glad they didn’t play while driving.


Regionally, the games are distributed throughout the world. 70% of Turkey’s online population is gambling. 53% of the online population in Brazil and 62% in Argentina play. According to ComScore, 54% of the population of Poland play games online.

SFI’s Knockout Trivia lets you compete with players from around the world! Take a mental break and challenge yourself with this new online trivia game! You may be addicted to it

Zaraki Kenpachi