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Boredom’s Worst Nightmare: These Quizzes Will Keep You Hooked

Are you bored and have nothing much to do? Well, there are some exciting ways to kill it and add spice to your life.

Playing regular quizzes may sound exhausting. But you can make them fun by adding creativity, prizes, and minor acts. It will make the session knowledgeable, interactive, and exciting. A fun quiz game involves various themes and types of questions that stimulate users’ interest and keep them entertained throughout the night.

Since boredom is a nightmare, let’s look at some popular Quiiiz to keep you hooked during a boring office meeting or commuting to the college.

1. Most Addictive Capital City in the World

Source: youtube.com

The first is a game about the most addictive capital cities in the world. It includes a list of 34 cities. But remember, only 21 of them are capitals, and the rest are imposters. As a player, you must find all the capital cities without getting a wrong answer.

Click on Play and select the capitals. But it will restart if you click on the wrong button. You can play the game as many times as you want and enhance your knowledge.

2. Can You Score More Than 15 Out of 20?

Next on the list is this weirdly-named game, perfect for trivia nights. It has a list of questions about the things we see and use in our daily lives. If you are aware of the little details of your life, you will ace the quiz.

From the size of the sheet to different shades of color, it involves questions relating to general science, countries, numbers, and more. If preparing for a trivia quiz, make a slide to make the night fun and interactive.

3. Preparing an EVIL April Fool’s Prank

Source: bbc.co.uk

If the 1st of April is around the corner, you can try this game with your colleagues or friends. It involves gathering props and costumes similar to the evilest villains and playing a prank.

But first, you must play the quiz to find out which villain you secretly want to become on April Fool’s Day.

4. The Type of Desk Personality You Have

The next quiz relates to your personality in the office, with your colleagues and superiors. If you are eager to learn about your side that people see in a professional setting, play this game!

It will ask you questions about your personality (extrovert, introvert, ambivert), what you wish to have on a desk, what you like, and what others think of you to define your desk personality.

5. The Ultimate Trivia Quiz from a Series

Source: brainfall.com

Is there any TV program you love watching? Schitt’s Creek? Friends? Game of Thrones? Or The Big Bang Theory?

If so, take a trivia quiz from your favorite program to take a heartwarming trip down memory lane. The questions may range from song lyrics to dialogues, what a particular character wore on a date, etc.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you’re bored or stressed, take out your phone and play any of these games. It will refresh your mind, give you an insight into your personality, increase your general knowledge, and let you relive the old times when you first watched your favorite TV program.

Jaime Hay