Gamble Feature in Slots Explained

People love to gamble. It’s been a pastime of the human race throughout history, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. It’s no wonder, then, that slots are so popular. Fairly inexpensive, fun, and offering the opportunity to win some impressive prizes if you’re lucky, many people love to play best online slots now.

Yet there is a feature within some slots that make them even more exciting (to some people). That’s the gamble feature. This extra addition to a slot game can up the ante considerably, and can be tempting for those who are playing for money rather than simply entertaining. Essentially, the gamble feature offers players the chance to multiply their winnings – but of course, they might end up with nothing at all. 

Is The Gamble Feature Fair?

This is a question that some people might wonder about. After all, if you’re playing online you might feel as though there is no way to really know if the feature is a fair one – maybe everyone who tries it loses everything… maybe it’s a trick! 

The truth is that reputable gambling sites will be regulated and checked. The games they install will be fair; this is why it is so important to only use reputable sites because you know that you can play (and use the gamble feature if there is one) without feeling cheated. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going to win, and it doesn’t even mean you have a good chance of winning, but it does mean you won’t be wasting your time or your money.

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Different Gamble Features

Although the gamble feature tends to work in pretty much the same way, there are a variety of different types of gamble features to look out for. The outcome might be the same – you either win a multiple of what you were going to win, or you lose the lot – but the way you do it can change. 

One way to gamble on a slot game is to pick a playing card from a virtual deck. You’ll have to guess, for example, whether the card is black or red. Get it right and win, get it wrong and lose. Alternatively, also using a virtual deck you might have to decide whether the card drawn is lower or higher than the previous one. Or perhaps you’ll have to pick which suit the card is going to be, and so on. The mechanics might change, but the end result will be the same. 

The gamble feature is not asking you to work hard; it’s asking you to guess, and that’s the temptation. The idea that you might guess right and win double, triple, or quadruple the amount you would have won is something some people can’t resist. 

But as with every gamble and every online casino, the house will always have the edge so be careful. It can be fun to use the gamble feature and it will definitely be thrilling, but you could lose a lot of money, and if the amount you were going to win in the first place is enough, it is sometimes best just to stick with that. Although the choice is always going to be yours.



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