Slot wagering requirements

Slot Wagering Requirements Explained and Calculated

Slots, like some other casino games, are one of those which has its own terminology which can be a bit off-putting for those new to playing slot games. It can even put some seasoned players off. One of these terms is slot wagering requirements, which is more of a mouthful to say than anything else. Read on to find out more or play bonanza today.

Why Slots Wagering Requirements Matter 

A slots wagering requirement comes into play whenever anyone gambles at an online casino. Slots wagering matters especially when we’re talking about online casino offers as it is here where they are most applied. Online casino offers are super-tempting, and standard offers are around £200 cash back and 50 free spins. 

These are tempting offers, but also one of the reasons people jump into an online casino without reading the small print. This is a mistake because it’s where the online casino will outline whether or not a player has to spend a certain amount of money before making any withdrawals. This is where slots wagering requirements come into play.

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Slots Wagering Requirements Potential Pitfalls 

Slots wagering requirements aren’t necessarily part of the best things about an online casino site. In many cases, this requirement outlined by the online casino can come with some restrictions which can make it hard for players to get bonus spins offers and more. This is why it’s important to check if there’s a criteria you need to meet. 

Each criteria and slots wagering requirement will vary from online casino to online casino. And, while it’s easy to see slots wagering requirements as a negative thing, the reason behind an online casino slots wagering requirement isn’t actually bad. Most online casino sites are legally obliged to have these to avoid laundering crimes. 

Calculating Slot Wagering Requirements 

It might all sound a bit confusing, but calculating slots wagering requirements is an easy thing to do. The slots wagering requirement can be calculated fairly simply as long as you have a good understanding of basic maths. It shouldn’t be a problem really, as any slots fan likely has a bit of slots know-how as it is given they play slots anyway. 

The way slots wagering requirements work is like this: a slots wagering requirement is normally given out as a kind of multiplier. In the same way you would find any online slot bonus offer. Imagine you find an online casino site offering a £100 bonus for example, with a 4x wagering requirement. You can then use this sum to calculate the slots wagering requirements.

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Slot Wagering Requirements Conclusion 

To calculate this, you just multiply the bonus (£100) by the requirement (4x) and this gives the amount to wager to claim the bonus (£400.) We told you there was no need to be intimidated. It’s easy as slots! Now you know the slot wagering requirements in and out, why not head to your favourite online casino and see what slots you can play with today?



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