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5 Tricks to Make Your Videos Attributed to FYP and Make Your Videos Goes Viral on Tiktok

TikTok videos that make it to “Four Your Page” or you can call it FYP are sure to be the hope of many creators. Videos that shows on FYP will get more views and likely will goes viral. Here i’m gonna tell you the most effective way to enter TikTok’s FYP.


FYP or For Your Page is the start page on the TikTok platform which immediately appears the first time a user access the TikTok application. Videos that shows on FYP are only videos with a large number of viewers. Here are some ways to enter FYP TikTok that you can try.


  1. Good Video Quality


In order for TikTok videos to enter FYP, make videos with good quality. The quality of the video can be seen from the clarity, the right camera angle, and the combination of outfit and background colors. The relatively short duration of the video is also important so that viewers can watch the video until it finished and share it again.


Create interesting, original, and quality content that is useful for many people. Not only dancing, create original content such as tips and tricks, sketch content, life hacks, and so on.


  1. Use Popular Music


One of many ways to enter FYP TikTok is to use music that is currently popular or viral. This will allow the TikTok algorithm to recommend your video to people with similar musical you use on your video. Also make sure the song you choose is in harmony between the tempo of the song and your video (on beat). you can download popular video on dragonrest


  1. Using Popular Hashtags

Hashtags or hash marks can be one of your ways to make your video attributed to FYP. Use hashtags that are trending and relevant to your video. Hashtags allow videos to enter FYP and could be seen by many people who don’t follow you.


  1. Following Trends and Challenges

Following the latest trends and challenges is important to increase TikTok traffic and followers. You can see popular trends and challenges in the ‘Discover’ menu. Well, the more creative you are to create content following trends and challenges, the bigger the chance for your video to goes viral.


  1. Upload Videos at Prime Time

The next way to enter FYP TikTok is to upload the videos at the right time (Prime Time) to get higher attention and viewer. You can see the prime time for your country by searching it on google.


There are 5 tips on how to make your videos attributed to FYP TikTok, that you can follow. Good luck!

Zaraki Kenpachi