It seems like that these days boxing match is the answer to all the disputes and beef that goes on the internet every now and then between different content creators and influencers and it seems like that Youtubers and TikToker’s are going to go at it and the trend was started by the Youtuber KSI as he fought one of the Youtubers from the U.K. and as the event got so much recognition and the event was too successful.

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Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match

Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match Live Reddit Stream

DAZN company was quick to realize that this is a brilliant cash flow for the company and it is also going to help the boxing community as these YouTubers and content creators have a pretty good following and mainly that includes youngsters and that is why DAZN realized that they need to sponsor such events which are going to make people fell in love with the sport of boxing and is also going to generate a lot of revenue for the sport and the company.

Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match Tickets

This all started when the company decided to be part of the beef of Logan Paul and KSI which went on to be a huge success and from that point that was clear that DAZN is going to be promoting such events and that is why this is happening again and it seems like that DAZN is doing their best to promote the event.

Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match Where To Watch?

The event is going to be showcased by Sky Sports and DAZN and here are the updates for the event-

It seems like Deji is going through a setback as he is facing some injury as he was training for the fight and this has been updated on June 7th. there are about eight fights that are going to take place and it is being stated as the ‘battle of platforms’ and it is going to be a phenomenal night for sure.

Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match Line Up

  • Landon Mcbroom Vs Ben Azelart
  • Ryan Johnstone Vs Cale Suarage
  • Deji Vs Vinnie Hacker
  • Ddg Vs Nate Wyatt
  • Tanner Fox Vs Ryland Storms
  • Faze Jarvis Vs Michael Le

The Main Event Is Going To Be Between

  • Bryce Hall Vs Austin Mcbroom

Youtube vs TikTok Boxing Match Date and Time

It has been confirmed that the event is going to happen on the 12th of June and this has been confirmed by the organizers of the event which are social gloves. the match is going to be broadcasted live on the LiveXLive platform and it is going to be a pay-per-view event, the tickets are available on sale on the official site of DAZN and the event is going to be held in Miami in the Hard rock stadium and the event is going to be a blast it seems like.


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