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From Crazy to Amazing! Gabito Rohh a true story

Gabito Rohh, was born in Caracas, As he grew up, Gabito struggled with TDAH, which is also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Battling the disorder for five years, with medication having no positive effect, he was finally able to gain relief, after moving to Houston, Texas.

It was during his time here that he found a specialist who would spend the next six months teaching him how to focus his attention. With a renewed sense of hope and focus, he and his family continued to travel around the world with his father who served as Commercial Pilot.

Gabito Rohh
Gabito Rohh



Growing into an adult, Gabito settled in Canterbury, UK where he attended its university, and after completing his studies, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing.

With his degree in tow, he would go on to find work in the retail industry, gaining positions with companies such as Inditex, Primark, and LCWaikiki. These roles would allow him the opportunity to again travel around the world, working in China, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Turkey, and many other locations.

While continuing to work & photograph fashion shows hosted in Spain like FIMI, New York, United Kingdom, Itali like PITTI BIMBO, and France, he came to the realization that his passion was fixed on Fashion Photography.

Following this forever growing love, Gabito began working for a number of different children’s wear magazines as a Photographer. These included Germany’s Luna, Spain’s Petit Style & Divos, as well as Collezioni, BeKids & Runaway in Italy, as well as WGSN’s fashion website.

From Crazy to Amazing! Gabito Rohh a true story
From Crazy to Amazing! Gabito Rohh a true story



Increasing his skill level, he also traveled and photographed the children’s fashion shows Pitti Bimbo, FIMI, CPM Moscow, etc. While doing so, it didn’t take long for his work to be noticed by show organizers, which led him to begin providing consultancy for set design, lighting, and production for events all around the globe.

In 2012, Gabito Rohh then launched his company, Happy Kids Media which focused on organizing fashion shows for young models. In these shows, children have been able to model during notable events such as Pitti Bimbo, FIMI Spain, Petit Style Walking, IFEMA, and others.

This has opened the door for Gabito to carry on his career, working with over 50 top children’s brands, organizing fashion shows, providing image consulting, and fashion shoots for catalogs, look books, and published editorial pieces,

Today, living in Barcelona and continuing his work in these areas, Gabito also owns a studio where he focuses his talent on Kids Fashion, but also some adult brands like Springfield, Blue Seven, and various others.

Having a knack for bringing out the best of children, over 500 throughout the world each year to be exact, he formed THE KIDS FASHION CAMP specifically designed for young industry enthusiasts.

Working alongside Petit Style Team, they guide over 100 children, aged 5 to 15, through a one-week fashion industry training, covering topics from modeling to production. Outside of his well-recognized career, Gabito is a proud husband and father. When he is not working, he loves to spend his free time, with his wife, their two children, and his family’s massive beautiful dog.


You can follow his work on Instagram, http://www.instagram.com/gabito.rohh

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