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Rainy Day Outfit Ideas for Dogs: How to Keep Your Furry Friend Dry and Stylish

When having pets at home, especially dogs, the rainy season tells a lot about their mannerisms. Whether they want to skip the rain altogether and avoid walking during a downpour or scowl inside the home depends on how the pet owner keeps the dog warm and dry during those rainy days.

doggy umbrella is an excellent rainy outfit idea for the pet, as it helps keep their body dry. The rainy weather affects the dog’s mental and physical health. Since it does not give much fun to them, pet owners must ensure that their canine furry pets hold out throughout the season in a dry and stylish way.

Keeping Furry Friends Dry

Our furry friends at home have to go out daily for nature calls. Whether they like rain or not, they do need their exercise too. Apart from getting the house floors soaked and soiled, it is no good news for our canine pets. Surviving those problematic conditions during the rainy season and keeping them dry and stylish, the following tips could get followed in wet weather.

Keep Body Dry

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Keeping our canine pet’s fur dry may not be a hundred percent possible during heavy downpours. But drying them with a towel after an outing in the rain or sludge is an excellent idea.

Few pets love to be blown dry with a dryer after becoming wet, and few allow a scrub down with a towel. The fur coat should not be left wet, as it increases the chances of fungi, mildew, molds, bacteria, etc.

More wet weather outside is never good for health in the household, be it humans or our pets. If prone to allergy, fungi and molds will aggravate it. Therefore it is always best to keep our pets dry in style.

Paws Care

Since pets need Treatment, Learning, and Compassion(TLC), caring for their paws is most important. Their feet should get wrapped up because, as per vets, it gets exposed to disease-causing bacterias when going into the mud and other damp conditions.

Paws that are bare and unprotected, especially in the rain, are more open to infections. Hence keeping pets’ feet clean and dry is a necessity.

Lookout For Infections

Watch out for any canine friend infections that might indicate during monsoon season. Typical behavior of conditions includes scratching every time on the same part of their body, licking on the same area, and ears get smelly.

Take them to a veterinarian if these symptoms persist, as sometimes they worsen.

Keeping Ears Dry

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Keeping the ear dry during wet weather is very important. Otherwise, health could get affected. Ears folded will not be wet inside, but they can stay damp for longer. It could lead to infections.

Since they do not have a friend to clean their ears, ear infection is a problem in homes with only one pet dog. It is always advisable to keep their ears clean during the rainy season.

Warm Place

Providing furry friends with a warm bed is good during those cold, wet days. Since they spend a lot of time sleeping, a good quality bed is appreciated.

Make sure the bed is warm and dry because, in the rainy season, a wet bed could become a breeding ground for bacteria and other allergies, the same as damp fur.

Make sure to wash pets’ beds at least once a week. It helps in keeping everyone in the family healthy.

Maintain Routine

During the rainy season, maintain the routine schedule of outings, as it will reduce the stress put on the pet dog. The routine of walking during wet weather helps them psychologically.

Healthy Diet

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During wet weather, only a few pet dogs like long walks due to the rain. In this case, give them fruits rich in fiber and vegetables that helps in proper digestion and a smooth bowel movement.

Seasonal and other sudden changes in weather put pets under a lot of stress, and they could catch lousy weather blues. If the pet refuses a regular diet, it signals they are stressed.

Proper Exercise

Our pet dogs need exercise every day; otherwise, they get restless. Since it is not possible to go outside to get exercise, it is better to exercise indoors.

Play with the pet, which will burn the excess energy and compensate for the outside playtime. Running up and down the stairs with a furry friend at home is also a good way of exercise.

Make sure not to overfeed them, as it will lead to obesity. Therefore the food intake and exercise activity should get balanced as it will give them a healthy lifestyle in the long run. It is one of the main issues that should get overcome in older or overweight pets.

Proper Grooming

Proper grooming will prevent a lot of skin infections. In addition to drying their fur, good pedicures should get included in the grooming procedure.

The antifungal powder can help their paws from catching any infections. Ticks, fleas, and other skin issues like itching and redness cause many problems in the long run. So they should get taken care of immediately.

Rainy Day Outfits For Dogs

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Quality time can only get spent with furry friends outdoors during rainy seasons with proper rainy-day outfits. Following rainy-day dress is advisable to prevent infections and help keep pets healthy and hygienic.

Pet Raincoat

A raincoat will cover the entire body; if it has a hood, it will be easy to protect the head and ears. Go for bright-colored raincoats or reflective colors, as those colors will be easily visible to passersby during rain.

Pet Shoes

Getting pet waterproof shoes will keep their paws clean and dry. Make sure they have anti-slip soles.

Umbrella For Dogs

If the pet does not like wearing raincoats during rain, then go for umbrellas that get made for dogs. It will make sure to keep their body dry.

Use Towels

Use towels to dry the furry friend’s body after a walk in the rain. Use a microfiber towel as it will help in drying the dog’s skin fast by rubbing gently.


Lack of regular activity during rainy seasons will stress furry friends. Therefore, reduce their stress level as it will keep everyone at home healthy and give them peace of mind.

Stick to quieter streets having less traffic during wet weather, as it will be easier to concentrate on the pet during walks, and the chances of getting sprayed by the water from the moving vehicles will reduce. It will help in reducing the stress level to a great extent.

If the pet looks unhappy or stressed, give them extra hugs, which should cheer them up. Try giving an organic snack to help remove that gloominess.

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