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All About Waterproof Running Shoes

Look in any athletics shoe store nowadays and you’re bound to find some shoes that are advertised as waterproof. It’s unexpected because most people are used to waterproof shoes being meant for winter wear – like boots. Which begs the question – what is the point of waterproof runners?

Where To Find Waterproof Running Shoes

Most athletic shoe stores carry some branded shoes and nowadays many of the big-name brands carry a few models that are waterproof. So don’t hesitate to walk in a store and ask, “Are nobull shoes waterproof?” There are several advantages and disadvantages of waterproof shoes, and it’s best to consider them before you got ahead with your purchase 

The Advantages

One of the main advantages of having waterproof running shoes is that you have no excuse not to work out. Even when it’s rainy outside, you can just hop into your running shoes, a waterproof windbreaker, and go for a run. Another reason to buy them is that wet feet blister more easily. You may think this is irrelevant but if you are training for a marathon then everything counts. The thing is, once your feet are wet, you will not be comfortable enough to run at your best speed. Not only are waterproof shoes useful in keeping your feet dry, they also protect the feet from frostbite – that is, your feet will remain relatively warm. 

The Disadvantages

Nothing in this life is perfect. As such, there are some drawbacks of running in waterproof shoes. For starters, they are slightly more heavy and bulkier than ordinary runners. This may make it a little awkward for some runners and some may prefer just running in regular shoes and getting wet. Also, the waterproofing makes the shoes less flexible. Running with them may feel a little like running in dress shoes because of the stiffness.

DIY Hack To Waterproof Any Shoes: Does It Work?

There is a “life hack” going around the internet that suggests there is a DIY method to make any shoes waterproof. The basic idea is that you should rub a paraffin candle on the shoes and then use a blow dryer to melt the wax and set it into the shoe. This may make the shoes a little more water resistant, but it definitely won’t make the shoes waterproof. If you run in a puddle with those shoes – your feet will inevitably get wet. In other words, this hack doesn’t exactly work as expected, and we don’t recommend trying it. If you really want to wear a pair of waterproof shoes, you’re going to want to make a little bit of an investment and buy yourself name brand waterproof shoes. 

In the end, whether you opt to wear waterproof shoes or not, it comes down to subjective preferences. There’s no need to pay the higher price of waterproof running shoes if you don’t anticipate using them in rainy weather, and that’s fine. Everyone has their own preferences and they are entitled to them. Many people prefer to run indoors (on a treadmill) and thus won’t need waterproofing of any kind.

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