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Designer Footwear: Show-off Your Personality in Style

What a person wears, from their clothes, accessories and perfume to their shoes, says a lot about their personality. Although the philosophy is to not judge a book by its cover, people do tend to wear the kind of footwear that most matches their lifestyle and comfort. Research studies show that when observed, footwear reflects a person’s personality traits and other information about them. These can be active or latent representations of one’s personality. But mass-produced shoes don’t always satisfy all the needs that one has for their shoe. Designer shoes for women provide an opportunity for them to express their unique personalities and stand out in a crowd.

How Does Footwear Reflect One’s Personality?

On the forefront, the kind of shoes a person wears reveals if they are confident and outgoing or if they have a laid-back and casual approach to life. A career-driven, formal woman with a strong feminine side is likely to wear shoes with heels, like stilettos in muted colours. A similar career-driven woman who might want to give a personal touch to her shoes might wear the ones that are made of her favourite colour and design. This can be seen in the women working in the fashion industry.

On the other hand, those who prioritise comfort over the formal protocol and work in a more laid-back work atmosphere might be seen wearing sneakers or flat ballerina shoes. Psychologists report that women who prefer shiny pointy-toed footwear are observed to be more ambitious, and those who prefer wedges are seen to be more playful and have a love for retro. Let’s look at each of the types of designer shoes for women and see what they say about the woman’s personality.

Easy-going Ballerina Flats

Choosing ballerina flats in monochrome colours might suggest that the persona is kind and grounded, and they prefer comfort over style. These flats are all about flaunting the girly side with just a basic and understated design. Women who wear this mostly stay in reality with a hint of the love for fantasy. Those who choose to wear ballerina flats are most probably focused, modest and prefer an intelligent look.

Sleek High Heels

Women who like wearing heels every day, even in a professional or a casual setting that does not demand it, shows that they have a high affinity towards feminine charm. Kitten heels and stilettos are elegant and speak about modernity, reflecting risk-taking and confident behaviour. Women who prefer heels show that they are glamourous, poised, extroverted, social, body-confident and open to conversation.

Tall Platform Heels or Wedges

Wedges provide the benefit of added height without the uneasiness of stilettos. They are relatively sturdy, and the filled base uplifts the woman’s torso. A woman who prefers wedges is someone who is strong-headed and not a conformist. Wedges also have a retro feel to them which show a sense of playfulness. These are perfect for women who want the style-statement and fanciness posed by stilettos but with a little bit of comfort.

Happy-go-lucky Flats

Flats allow a woman to stay on their feet comfortable all day. Those who often wear heels are very active, no-nonsense, grounded and casual with their approach. Women who prefer utility, comfort and nurturing the basics principles of footwear over feminine style mostly wear stylish flats.

Sporty Sneakers

Sneakers with any attire on women tend to stand out in a crowd. And in the current times, women can be seen wearing sneakers not only with jeans and shirts but also with cute dresses and skirts. They show that the woman is outdoorsy and physically active. Women who wear them to the workplace are hardworking, organised, goal-oriented.


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