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6 Cool Toys That Can Help Your Bored Dog

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has kept a lot of people inside their homes for quite a long time. However, that doesn’t mean that their pets had a chance to leave the apartment without their owners, especially when we are talking about dogs. Sure, a lot of counties have introduced a couple of hours when owners could walk their dogs. Still, that doesn’t mean that this amount of time was enough.

With a lot of dogs kept inside, a majority of them can get bored or nervous. Thankfully, there are many ways you can keep them entertained. The best way to do it is to purchase a toy that will do the trick perfectly. On sites like FunnyFuzzy, you will come across some interesting solutions. Today, we want to provide you with a list of solutions that will do the trick just fine. Let’s see a couple of them.

1. Snuffle Mats

Source: insider.com

When you think about it, it is quite obvious that nose work and sniffing are the most important mental activities for a dog. To stimulate the dog’s mental work this way, the best choice is to purchase a snuffle mat. Besides the mental stimulation, your pet will also have a chance to improve its skillset and senses.

We’re talking about a toy that usually comes in the form of a mat, that has additional five toys, which are made of different materials. It goes without saying that all of these will be durable enough to sustain all the bites. Since snuffle mats include a couple of toys into one, then you can expect your little friend to be entertained for quite a long time. Maybe this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

2. Flirt Pole

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Some dogs have much more energy than others. So, they need to spend all of it before they can eat and sleep properly. On the other hand, some species need to spend some of their energy immediately after they eat. There is no general rule that can apply to all the species out there.

For that reason, you need to be aware of your dog’s needs. If it needs to spend all of its energy to rest properly, then you should use flirt poles. We are talking about cat wands that are adapted to dogs. So, your pet will constantly jump, chase, stalk and try to capture the toy. Based on your creativity and movement, chances are that your pet will have a serious challenge on its hands.

3. Orka Chew

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It is always good when a toy can do more than just one thing. If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, be sure to pay attention to orka chew. Not only that your little friend can chew it, but it also bounces and releases some tasty treats that will stimulate the dog to play with it a little bit longer.

Since it has an interesting shape, it means that it will bounce in more than just one way, which means that the pet will have numerous possibilities on how to catch it. Not to mention that the rubber, the material it is made of, will not get damaged for whatever reason. Thankfully, there are a couple of different varieties you can choose from when it comes to orka chew.

4. Puzzle Brick

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The next toy we want to talk about is specific. It has the aim to train and entertain your dog at the same time. We are talking about the puzzle brick. As its name is saying, we are talking about a puzzle that your pet needs to resolve to get appropriate treats. However, the pet will need to combine two different factors to get the reward. As you can see, this can be quite a big challenge. It can be either complex or simple.

The way you can determine this level is to purchase a bigger or smaller puzzle. The biggest one can have twenty different compartments where treats will be hidden. Practically the only bad side to this one is that you will need to observe the activity every time. It’s because there are a lot of smaller pieces. As you probably know, swallowing these can cause a big problem for your pet.

5. IQ Treat Ball

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We’ve already named a couple of toys that can provide your pet with some exciting treats. But when it comes to the best choice you can make in this regard, we would say that IQ treat ball is the one. The reason lies in its flexibility. When we say this, we mean that you can constantly fill it with the dog’s favorite treats.

Besides flexibility, it is pretty convenient and simple to use. What separates it from a majority of other toys is that you can set the difficulty. Meaning, how hard your pet needs to work to get these treats. Therefore, it is a pretty effective way to see just how smart your little friend is in every situation. Plus, it can improve its physical and mental skills constantly.

6. Stuffed Animals

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Last but not least, we can all agree on the fact that many dogs adore stuffed animals. Besides that, a vast majority of them will tend to destroy them completely. Thankfully, there is a chance for the owner to purchase stuffed animals that are strong enough to withstand these bites.

They are durable because they are reinforced with an additional layer of materials that will make them way more durable. Still, don’t make the mistake of believing that they can be indestructible. Plus, they can make some squeaky sounds, which can have a positive influence on your dog’s mood.

The Bottom Line

Having something to entertain your dog with is a great way to pass his time. In this article of ours, you can take a look at a couple of examples of how you can do it efficiently. So, when you do not have enough time to play outside, using these toys will do the trick.

Jaime Hay