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What are the best dog foods and how much should you feed your dog daily?

Dogs are very energetic creatures who love to run around the whole house and run to you at your call anytime (Good luck with that if you own a small size dog!). According to 360° Dog Walker, a San Francisco based puppy daycare company “For this energy to be maintained, your dog should have a consistent diet”. You must follow strict timing for your dog’s eating time and provide him with top-notch quality food. Dogs can be pretty persuasive sometimes regarding their treats but don’t feed them much or they won’t eat their food!

Best dog food companies around the globe

Royal Canin

When it comes to dog food, no one can match the taste and quality of Royal Canin. Most dogs love them, but beware once you feed them with this, they won’t be touching any other company food ever! And yes, Royal Canin is expensive, but the food surely delivers in comparison to what you paid. 

Taste of the wild

This brand mainly supports and provides meat-based food for dogs. Instead of grains and fillers, this brand uses meat. When it comes to the quality of the food, this brand has never compromised, the food is always loved by dogs and will be!


Specialized in creating food that suits all needs of your dog, this brand mainly focuses on special diets of dogs such as grain-free food or any other special quality which needs to be added to the food. They have developed formulas for all sizes and ages of dog, which helps them to grow without any compromisation when it comes to their food.

Best way to feed your dog daily

After buying food for your dog, it’s important to consider if he likes the food or not. If yes then now you have to plan a few things such as :

  • Amount of food
  • Timing to feed
  • Add-Ons with the 

Amount of food

For this you should visit your local vet and consult accordingly as the diet of the dog can only be identified by a professional.

Timing to feed

2 times a day is necessary, one time in the morning, one time after the evening walk, and in between a treat will be the best. You mustn’t make huge changes in the diet while they are small, puppies may not be able to eat so fastly and a steady amount of food and regular timing is very important. Other than that, you should never feed raw food to your pups as they don’t have a fully developed immune system to handle the bacterial load present in the food. It’s also necessary that you feed puppies regularly and present them with high nutritional value food because they need energy as well as proper nourishment for their stable growth.

Add-Ons with the food

You can give them treats once or twice per day, at times when they wake up or when you’re training them, as treats are special food, you shouldn’t give them this treatment regularly or they might get bored with it! Hydration is also very necessary, and some dogs require cold water (Especially if you live in a hot climate area), otherwise give them normal water which also should be changed regularly and especially after cleaning the house.

Zaraki Kenpachi