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Essential Vitamins Your Dog Needs For Optimal Diet & Health

The stores are stocked with multiple dog vitamins, but you cannot give all of them to your furry friend. Each vitamin available targets a specific problem that the dog might be facing. So, in this article, we have shortlisted the most common vitamins that your pet might need, including the benefits each of them provides. But, remember this guide is more about creating awareness among pet owners for the vitamins. Consult a vet before you include any vitamin in your pet’s diet.

Vitamin A – Ideal for Growth

The lack of vitamin A should never happen to your pet. Make sure the diet you are providing your pup has enough of this element. But still, if they get the deficiency, then you might need to add the additional source for this. Now, how do you know that your pet needs the supplements separately? Answer this question. Does your pet have extra rough and dull skin? If yes, then this is the biggest sign.
Including these pet vitamins in their diet is essential as they are responsible for their better growth and healthy coat. Also, without this, the risk of your dog getting blind increases. Furthermore, it is ideal for muscle growth and better neurosurgical development as well.

Vitamin K – For Blood’s Ability to Clot

This fat-soluble vitamin is needed to enable the capacity of the blood to clot. It helps to reverse the anticoagulation process that happens due to the ingestion of rat poison. If you ignore this issue, it can turn fatal. Also, the other problems that arise due to this deficiency include intestinal malabsorption and chronic oral anti-biotic administration.

Vitamin E: It’s Good for Your Skin and Eyes

The vets usually recommend this organic dog vitamin when your pet has a flea allergy. The vitamin promotes quick recovery for cell function, fat metabolism, and also soothes the skin to restore a healthy dog coat.
The deficiency of vitamin E also puts stress on the eyes causing muscle relapse and reproductive problems. So, if your pet has the problem of itchy and dry skin, you can give them vitamin E supplements. Consult a vet before incorporating it into their diet as these issues can also be because of the use of the wrong pet wipes.

Choline – For Proper Organ Functionality

This element is an essential part of the healthy lifestyle of the pet and is considered to be crucial for the cell membrane. It symbolizes carnitine from the body’s digestive system to supply enough nutrients to the liver and brain. It helps them to function properly. This element also has the beneficial therapeutic property to help dogs and cats with epilepsy problems.

Vitamin D

This sunshine element is produced in the dog’s body when they are exposed to the sun. The vitamin is essential to regulate the calcium level to improve bone development. With its deficiency, the pet is exposed to diseases like cancer, heart collapse, and several bone problems. You can find the best quality of vitamin D support from IVS pets.
No doubt, all dog vitamins are essential. They target different concerns of the body to improve overall health. Consult your vet today to see if your dog needs any additional support in its diet.

Zaraki Kenpachi