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What Qualities to Look For in Choosing a Wife? Guide

When you determine what marriage is for, it will be clear how to find a woman who will be a good wife for you and what qualities will be important for family life. The main advice is not to try to make a more or less attractive girl into a good (in your mind) wife. In an attempt to “raise” a woman to your liking, you are likely to fail. And instead of a happy family life, you will get disappointment and disappointment of your hopes—and hers.

Let’s not argue on the subject of external beauty and sex appeal: it should be, but it is not enough. Numerous women possess physical beauty, but not all of them are suitable to be a spouse. The qualities that a good wife should have:

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1. Openness. A good wife should exhibit openness by expressing her emotions, engaging in dialogue, and working towards solutions to address any issues that may be troubling her. She should be comfortable sharing information about herself while also actively listening to her husband’s perspectives.

2. Tolerance. Imperfection is a universal trait, as everyone possesses their own flaws and habits that have developed over the years. It is essential that a woman takes another person, her husband, as he is, and not try to remake, re-educate him.

3. Housekeeping. A wife should give her husband a solid rear—the ability to turn the house into a place where her husband can relax. (But here, it all depends on your preferences. If you believe that the wife is not needed for the household, ready to do the housework themselves or pay the housekeeper, the factor of housekeeping does not play a significant role).

4. Adequacy. She is reasonable, not selfish, and the motives for her actions are clear.

5. Emotional stability. An unrestrained nature and lack of restraint in expressing emotions can be attractive during the courtship, but it is worth paying attention to. The exception is if you are looking for yourself in a marriage boiling passions and life as on a volcano.

6. Wisdom and flexibility. A wise wife understands the importance of avoiding manipulation and playing with her partner’s emotions to gain validation for being right or material displays of affection. Instead, she strives to prevent disagreements from escalating into conflicts by being willing to make compromises.

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7. Reliability, honesty, loyalty. Wife and husband’s life principles should coincide. A man should be sure of his wife, that she will not cheat, not betray.

8. The ability to support. Anything can happen in life: there will be periods when something goes wrong. You can lose your job, money, reputation, and health. At this moment, your wife, with her understanding, empathy, can help you overcome difficulties.

9. Mental maturity. For a while, a man may be amused, amused by his wife’s infantile behavior, but over time, unpreparedness for a serious relationship will begin to irritate.

10. Intelligence, education. If a girl’s sole focus is discussing the latest fashion trends and social media posts, it is improbable that the couple will discover mutual topics to discuss.

11. Matching types of temperament. Two cholerics can not get along with each other, but the choleric with a phlegmatic choleric can make an ideal couple.

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Of course, this is a basic set of qualities. Men, like women, are very different, and the expectations of a wife will differ as well. Determine what is most important to you and what you are willing to put up with. Only then will you be able to find an Asian wife or a girl of any other nationality without any problems.

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