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Jassym Lora (Andre Russell’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriends and more

Jassym Lora Wiki Biography

Whether a cricket fan or not, we are all familiar with the name of Andre Russell. He is one of the most famous Jamaican cricketers who plays internationally for the West Indies. Besides that he has played over 300 T20 matches for a range of leagues throughout the world. But today, we are not here to talk about Andre Russell. Instead, we will dive into Andre Russell’s wife’s life.

Andre Russell wife name is Jassym Lora, who is a famous Jamaican model and Instagram fashion influencer. However, she is best known for her relationship with the Jamaican cricketer.

Jassym Lora born in the United States, but she gained international recognition after marrying the popular West Indies cricketer. You must have seen Jassym Lora in IPL cheering for her husband. She often comes to his matches to support him and cheer him up.

Since Jassym Lora model Wikipedia is not available on the net, it is difficult to look for her details. But no worries, you can find all the things you want to know about Andre Russell wife in our detailed Jassym Lora biography.

Jassym Lora Bio

Jassym Lora is a famous Jamaican model who was born in Miami, Florida, United States. Jassym Lora birth date is February 11, but her birth year is not revealed. This is why it is hard to tell Jassym Lora age.

Besides, being a model, she is also a popular Instagram influencer with a huge fan following. Being born in the United States, she holds an American nationality.

If you have searched Jassym Lora details, you must have noticed that her family information is not available. That’s because she has never revealed their names in public. All we know is that she grew up in Miami and completed her education in the USA.

Coming to her relationship status, she is married to Andre Russell. You will find Jassym Lora Russell photo all over the internet. At present, the couple shares a beautiful baby girl.

Jassym Lora Personal Details

Jassym Lora is a highly successful model and has a great physique. She is 5ft 8 inches tall and weighs around 60 kg.

As far as her physical features are concerned, she looks stunning in silky black hair. She has beautiful black eyes with a sculpted figure. Her breast size is around 34 inches, while her waist is just 24 inches. Jassym Lora’s biggest asset would be her butt which is around 34 inches, which makes her figure size 34-24-34.

Jassym Lora birthday is on February 11, 1989, and she turned 31 years in 2024. You can follow Jassym Lora Instagram to stay updated on all her latest uploads. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram page. Her Instagram ID is @jassymloraru

Although she is highly active on her Instagram page. She is not present on Facebook. However, you will find many Jassym Lora Facebook fan pages to follow.

Jassym Lora Education & Career

Jassym Lora grew up in Miami and completed her schooling from the same place. She once revealed that she completed her graduation through online schooling. Besides, that nothing much is known about her school or university.

Since she was not very interested in studies, she got into modelling at a very early age. It is known that she started modelling when she was just 19 years old.

She was always good at modelling and didn’t take much time to be successful in her field. In just a few years, she became quite popular in the industry and started going around with famous stars and celebrities. Well, that’s how she met her husband Andre Russell.

She started gaining international recognition after she got into a relationship with Andre Russell. Jassym has worked with many top brands and has done hundreds of photoshoots to date. She gained a massive fan following after her marriage to the cricketer. However, not much is known about Jassym Lora relationships or the people she dated in the past.

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Jassym Lora Husband

Jassym Lora met her husband, Andre Russell during one of her fashion shows. After they started dating, Jassym Lora’s affair with Andre Russell was all over the news.

The couple got engaged in 2014 and later they got married in July 2016 in a private ceremony. Later both of them had a beautiful daughter whom they named Aaliyah Russell. If you search Andre Russell children, you will get to see his daughter’s picture.

Jassym Lora Net Worth

Jassym Lora started her modelling career at the age of 19 years. At present she is 31 years old. She has spent more than a decade in the modelling industry. From walking down the ramp to photoshoots, she has done it all.

Jassym Lora net worth of 2024 is estimated at $1 million. This is the amount of money she has made by working for all these years. 

Jassym Lora accompanies Andre Russell to many of his matches. She attended a few of the T20 matches where she was spotted cheering for her husband. The couple has been together for several years and share a baby daughter. You can check out Andre Russell family picture on the net. Hopefully, you found all the details you wanted to know about Andre Russell’s wife.

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Where is Jassym Lora from?

  • Jassym Lora was born in Miami, Florida, and holds an American nationality.

Who is Andre Russell’s wife?

  • Andre Russell wife is Jassym Lora, is a famous Jamaican model.

How old is Andre Russell?

  • Andre Russell age is 38 years. He was born on 29th April 1988.

Who is Dre Russ?

  • Andre Russell is also known as Dre Russ. You can find this name on his official Instagram handle.

What is the net worth of Andre Russell?

  • According to networthexposed.com, Andre Russell net worth is currently standing at $65 million.

When did Andre Russell get married?

  • Andre Russell got married to Jassym Lora in July 2016 in a private ceremony.

How many children does Andre Russell have?

Andre Russell shares a beautiful baby girl named Aaliyah Russell with Jassym Lora.

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